'Bach' Fans Took Peter's Side In This Big Fight

George Burns/ABC

The Bachelorette finale is usually all about love, but this season, Rachel's decision all came down to marriage. Peter didn't want to propose before the two get the chance to spend any time in a relationship, while Rachel wanted to know that he was committed enough to move past dating right to an engagement. The two weren't able move past this issue and wind up together, but fans aren't mad at Peter. In fact, tweets about Peter's practical attitude on The Bachelorette are standing up for the Madison suitor's reasonable defense for why he wanted to make a proposal count — and why he believed Rachel needed to trust him when he said that he wanted the relationship to move forward, just on a slower timeline.

It's easy to tell Rachel that she should have accepted Peter without a proposal because he seems like the perfect guy — but this was all based on her previous romantic history. Rachel explained multiple times that she was in a five year relationship that was supposed to lead to marriage, but never did. That's enough that she wanted a proposal — which has always been a traditional part of the Bachelorette finale — and was open about that all season long. It's tough, but Twitter is strongly on Peter's side, even if Rachel isn't, and thinks that the proposal isn't as important as the man giving it.

People Were Furious At Rachel

Feelings were high.

People Applauded Peter's Sticking To His Guns

He knows what he wants, and when he wants it.

And People Think Rachel Was Too Caught Up In A Proposal

Both Peter and Rachel had good reason to have the feelings they have over proposing. Peter was channeling his smart, practical side, thinking about how a TV finale doesn't necessarily mean that their emotions were deep and genuine enough for a lifetime commitment. But Rachel, as the Bachelorette, has the power to eliminate someone if they're not offering the vision of the future that she wants. It's frustrating for fans of the couple to see them part ways over this. If only they'd been able to work it out, Rachel and Peter might have been a really great couple.