Peter's Post-'Bachelorette' Job Is, Well, Basic AF

by Kayla Hawkins
George Burns/ABC

This season of The Bachelorette has some serious contenders for Rachel Lindsay's heart. Going into the hometown dates, fans seem particularly enchanted by Peter, the Wisconsonite with the same gap-toothed smile as Rachel. Bachelor Nation may be falling in love with his soft-spoken flirtation, or his absurdly symmetrical face, but Peter's job off The Bachelorette as a gym owner is kind of... basic, right? Lawyer, software salesman, real estate agent, personal trainer, Jumbotron operator: These are the professions that allow significant time off and flexibility for post-TV branding opportunities, and, as such, are perfect for Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants. Peter is labeled as a Business Owner on The Bachelorette, but that's just a fancy way of having him stand out in a sea of personal trainers (there are SO MANY of them).

And, while this might sound a little judgmental, it's not meant to be. This actually explains a lot about Peter. It's always possible to sell a gym or open another one in a different state, so that helps explain how he was able to drop everything and chase after Rachel's heart. And if the two do wind up together, it would be possible for Peter to drop everything and move to Dallas with minimal trouble. But at the same time, contestants on The Bachelor are always a little "basic," right? I mean, there's nothing less edgy in the world than falling in love in a Los Angeles McMansion while Chris Harrison solemnly intones how many roses are left before someone is going home.

So Peter being Bachelor Nation basic AF — at least, judging by his job — makes it all the more likely that the guy is, say, "There for the right reasons." And if you look back at Peter's tenure on the show, you may find yourself dropping a coffee cup like Chazz Palmitari, because the signs of basic-ness were there the whole damn season. Yes, he's had great, deep conversations with Rachel about intimacy, therapy, family — but he's also kind of an endearing dork who flunked out of the spelling bee. And for a gym owner who literally helps people get in shape for a living, he was shockingly bad at all of the sporting events.

But overall, yes, Peter is just another in the long line of affable Midwesterners and personal trainers to join The Bachelorette and hope to fall in love. He posts lots of workout selfies, and uses hashtags like "#FlexFriday" and "OnlyOneLifeToLive." He has been photographed wearing a bracelet of wooden beads (while celebrating the opening of another gym).

But that's not to take away from Peter's less basic qualities. He's still shockingly handsome, more so than the generic hunks that often populate the ranks of a Bachelorette season. He's well-dressed, and has never looked disheveled on camera. If Rachel doesn't choose him at the end of season, he's got a great chance at becoming the next Bachelor. And he has a legion of fans still swooning over that smile for whom Peter's day job isn't a problem at all. In fact, it kind of helps explain why this guy wound up on The Bachelorette in the first place.