'Bach' Star Peter Loves His Family SO MUCH

George Burns/ABC

Well, Bachelorette fans, it's that time again: Hometown dates are upon us, and that means a week full of family time for Rachel and the remaining men. This season will finally introduce some households that veer beyond the "traditional" structure usually pictured on the show, including Dean's "eccentric" single dad and the tough family dynamic Eric described. But what about the other guys? Who are Bachelorette star Peter's parents?

It doesn't take much social media sleuthing to figure out that Peter is close with his family. He's a loud and proud uncle, has his "family knot" tattooed on his left shoulder, according to his ABC bio, and regularly fills his Instagram with snapshots of everyone from his niece and nephew to good old mom and pop. He used his Bachelorette bio to specifically shout out his brother as the person he most admires in the world, and, just last month, he posted a touching tribute to his father, who, based on the photo, helped teach him how to play football as a kid. Peter wrote in the caption:

"#tbt to the man who taught me how to become the man that I am today. Strength, hard work, perseverance, kindness, and so so much more. It may not have always seemed like I was listening dad, but trust me when I tell you that I was. #family #superpops."

Outside of their frequent Instagram presence, however, there aren't many specifics available on Peter's parents. According to Bachelor blog OK Here Is The Situation Peter's dad is allegedly a restaurant manager named Gary, while his mom, Lynn, is a travel agent.

But whatever their background, it seems like family is a big part of Peter's life — yet another item on the growing list of things he has in common with Rachel — and he makes it a point to spend time with them as much as possible.

From the looks of the promo for this week's episode, we'll certainly learn more about Peter's upbringing, but the main focus will be on if he's ready to take the plunge and tie the knot, to which his mom says, "not necessarily." Peter has been vocal about his hesitation in making a commitment as big as marriage — something Rachel has made a priority — but he seems open to the idea so long as it feels right. Whether or not that's enough to win Rachel's heart remains to be seen, but it will only be a few short weeks until we find out who gets the final rose.