PetSmart’s New Line Of Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes Might Legit Make You Cry


I don't want to say that this announcement will save your life, but I will say that it will bring the idea of joy and purity back to your heart. Seriously, the black lump where my heart should be has bloomed and flowered at the sight of these — because I now know there is true goodness in the world. What could be so transformative? So magical? The guinea pig Halloween costumes that PetSmart just dropped, that's what.

Even just hearing about or thinking about guinea pigs dressed up in Halloween costumes is almost too wholesome, but when you see the photos — the photos! — it will take you to a totally different place. I don't have a guinea pig, I have never wanted a guinea pig, and I am currently googling different breeds of guinea pig to figure out which one I should buy for this shark costume. I am having a moment and I regret nothing.

If you're someone who loves to dress up your pets, these are a godsend. Be sure to read the instructions carefully, because some of these are only meant to be worn for a couple of hours and you need to make sure they're a comfortable fit for your little friend. But if you have a guinea pig who likes to show off their sassy side, these costumes will do the trick. And, even better, they all come in at under seven bucks. You can check out all of the costumes on the PetSmart website, but here are my personal picks.


Thrills & Chills Shark Small Pet Costume

OK, we're going to jump right in with my absolute favorite — the shark. How adorable is this? If you want to turn your little pet into a fearsome beast, this is the best way to do it. This is slightly more elaborate, so it's the most expensive option at the list — but it's still just $6.99, which is a total bargain.


Thrills & Chills Pumpkin Small Pet Costume

Sometimes, you just want to go for a classic. There's no Halloween costume quite as traditional as a pumpkin — my parents dressed me, my brother, and our cousins all in matching pumpkin costumes and we were, frankly, horrifying. But for a guinea pig, it's a perfect fit — and the little green vine on top is a great touch.


Thrills & Chills Bumble Bee Small Pet Costume

I had to include this one because of the photo — I've never seen a guinea pig look constipated before, but I'm pretty sure that's what's happening here. Plus, this costume looks so warm and fuzzy that it's sure to be perfect for crisp October evening — you'll be ready to go.


Thrills & Chills Pineapple Small Pet Costume

Maybe your guinea pig is just a cool cat — maybe they just want to relax on the beach with a cocktail in one hand and a Dan Brown book in the other. I'm not going to tell you guinea pig how to enjoy their down-time, as long as they're wearing this pineapple costume I'll be happy.


Thrill & Chills Unicorn Small Pet Costume

Finally, the millennial dream — the one, the only, the unicorn guinea pig costume. There are pastels, there's a tail, there's a whole lot of pink — there's everything you could ever want for a Halloween Instagram photo.

Whether you have a guinea pig and want to get them an amazing costume or you just appreciate pure joy and happiness caught on camera, these new PetSmart guinea pig Halloween costumes are a total win. You are welcome.