Phaedra & Kandi's Feud On 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Finale Will Continue Into The Reunion

Annette Brown/Bravo

The finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was really more of a trailer for the upcoming Season 9 reunion, especially when it comes to Kandi & Phaedra's friendship, which has gone from close to icy to active hatred over the past few seasons. And things look like they're going to get even worse with more time for their resentments to develop and for them both to find out at least some of what happened during the season — specifically, it looks like Kandi finally knows that the rumors about her hooking up with Shamea originated with Phaedra, even calling her out on the specific hand gesture she used. There's a reason that the show devoted a full three minutes on teasing the finale — clearly, a lot will happen, both on the soundstage and backstage, where it looks like Porsha and Kandi will have major emotional breakdowns.

But during the finale, the two friends had a much more restrained interaction. Phaedra claims that she wasn't "seeking out clients," and that Kandi's former employee just happened to show up at her doorstep. Meanwhile, Kandi claims that she had no idea that Apollo's new girlfriend was going appear at the OLG restaurant opening. Both women are equally skeptical about the other's claims, and... that seems about right.


Without either Kandi or Phaedra really speaking freely, this was one of their more subdued encounters, which is what makes the reunion preview so intriguing. Phaedra may seem perpetually cold and composed wile sitting on the couch, but she certainly got the shadiest caption of doom when it exposed that her divorce was thrown out by a judge because of a spelling error, and Apollo is seeking increased financial compensation, according to TMZ. So all of the drama about Apollo's girlfriend is currently on hold. But while that might currently be paused for legal reasons, everything else will still be on the table when the multi-week Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion gets started.