Old Conflicts Arise Again On The 'RHOA' Reunion Part One

by Kayla Hawkins
Charles Sykes/Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta finales often are filled with iconic moments, but the first installment hasn't seen too many of those barn burning lines, wig yanks, or shady comments, and this opening chapter is practically a snooze. More or less, the only interesting thing about this episode is a few volleys between soon to be sparring partners Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams, and, of course, shade from Phaedra over Kenya's divorce party, which isn't particularly new, but does provide a few crackling moments in an otherwise pretty dull episode. Seriously, the gun ownership of these six Southern women is supposed to pass as a shocking moment?

The buildup was slow and steady, as the show reminisced about Phaedra and Kenya joining forces to help some underprivileged kids, until the struggles over the divorce party changed everything. Phaedra immediately changed from kiki-ing over the Thelma & Louise moment to muttering accusations about who exactly is a "freak hoe." Phaedra says that the divorce party was a bigger deal because they've fought over Phaedra's marriage before, making a the party a "mockery" of her marriage, which is how she justidies her apoplectic reaction to the news of the party. Kenya was also confronted over her alleged verbal abuse and told she needs to seek out therapy, to which she rolled her eyes. It's all the same back and forth that's gone between these two for seasons now, ever since they had competing booty videos.

And it looks like the pair have swapped a friend in the process. For a while, Kandi steered clear of Kenya, seemingly to avoid angering Phaedra, but now that the two are not pals anymore, it seems she's gotten tight with Kenya who attended the OLG Restaurant in order to support her new friend.

Meanwhile, Phaedra is still close with Porsha, despite the promos warning that Kandi doesn't understand how they can still be friends. Honestly, all this shows is how little has changed with the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season. From friends that are no longer friends to mocking marriages, this is the same old news that fans have all heard a million times. Hopefully the RHOA reunion parts two through four are a little more exciting.