'Bachelor' Nation Will Adore These Pics From Jade & Tanner's Daughter's 1st Birthday Party

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bachelor in Paradise golden couple Jade and Tanner Tolbert's daughter celebrated her first birthday over the weekend. Of course, the new parents went all out with the decorations, cake, games, and outfits for little Emerson. They really did what they could to make it a birthday remember, even if baby Emmy might be a little too young to actually remember. Thankfully, the Tolberts and their guests documented the major moments of the party on social media, so Emmy can look back on the photos and videos when she's older.

Emmy's BFF and fellow Bachelor in Paradise baby Bella Bass was there to celebrate along with her parents Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. Jade's Maid of Honor and Bachelor 21 contestant Liz Sandoz was there as well.

Looking at all of the outfits in the photos, it was very clear that there was some sort of theme tying all the looks together, but what was it exactly? There were a lot of tropical prints, bright colors, flamingos, and even a ball pit to play in. Was it a Baby In Paradise themed event? Was it just "tropical"? It's a little vague just looking at the photos, but Carly ended up setting the record straight in response to a comment on her Instagram post.

The Bachelor in Paradise alum revealed that the birthday party theme was "retro pool party!" That's definitely a unique idea.

What does a "retro pool party" theme entail? Just check out the photos to see Emmy celebrating her first birthday and playing with her friend Bella and hanging with her parents.


Dressing In Theme

All of the ladies in this photo were in sync when it comes to their outfits. They all rocked some bright colors and bold prints to exude those "retro pool party" vibes.


Emmy Enjoying Her Cake

Jade and Tanner (most likely Jade) even went all out decorating Emmy's high chair for her birthday party. She's basically sitting in a flamingo-decorated thrown to enjoy her cake. She is also rocking a cute, pink crown.


Emmy & Bella Playing In The Ball Pit

Carly shared photos of Bella and Emmy playing in the ball bit, a family photo of herself and Even with Emmy, and another photo with Jade, Liz, and the babies in the same post.


Evan Hanging With The 'BIP' Babies

Evan got one of the cutest photos from the party. He even joked, "2 cutest girls ever created. It’s the paradise water, I suppose. Happy first birthday Emmy! (She warmed up to me later)."


The Parents Taking A Selfie

Jade and Tanner took a cute selfie while enjoying some snacks at the party.


Emmy Opening Up Her Gifts

It looks like Emmy had just as much fun opening up her gifts as she will playing with all the new toys she received.


Tanner Bringing Emmy Her Birthday Cake

It looks like Emmy had a laser focus that pink and white birthday cake. No one could distract her from enjoying it.


Jade Hanging With Liz

The besties smiled for a mid-party selfie.


Taking Candid Photos

Apparently there was something cute going on with Bella in this moment because everyone was looking in her direction, even the birthday girl herself.


Jade & Liz Enjoying The Slip-&-Slide

Just because it's a child's birthday party, that doesn't mean that the adults couldn't have fun as well. Jade and Liz were all smiles on the tropical slip-and-slide.


Eating Shaved Ice

Even the snacks at this party were on another level. They didn't just have shaved ice for people to eat — they actually had a shaved ice truck parked in the backyard.


The Perfect Set-Up

It was all about the details with this party. Even the gifts table was decorated with flowers and golden letters that spelled out "Emerson."


Elmo Making A Cameo Appearance

The Bachelor in Paradise alums weren't the only TV stars at the party. Elmo from Sesame Street made an appearance as well.

Emmy Tolbert had the perfect first birthday party. There's just one problem though: How are Jade and Tanner going to top this one next year?