These Sweet Red Carpet Photos Of Ashley I. & Jared Will Make 'Bachelor' Fans Seriously Swoon

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For Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon, romance has been a long time coming. So, now that the Bachelor in Paradise alums are finally officially together, it seems only fitting that they flaunt their coupledom for the world to see. Wouldn't you? Judging by these photos of Ashley I. and Jared kissing on the red carpet Tuesday night, it looks like the couple is still enjoying the glorious, ultra-affectionate "honeymoon phase" that tends to characterize the early stages of most relationships. (The good ones, anyway.) And they're certainly not afraid to show it.

When Ashley I. and Jared stepped out onto the red carpet ahead of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's premiere, the couple made themselves pretty clear: The road to romance might've been a little bit rocky, but there's no trouble in paradise now.

Need some convincing? Look no further than Tuesday night's delightfully affectionate snapshots of Ashley I. and Jared smooching, smiling, and otherwise looking super smitten during their joint red carpet appearance. That probably has something to do with the love-struck giddiness Jared expressed more explicitly to Life & Style during an interview Wednesday morning. "We both think we've found 'the one,'" Jared told the magazine. "We love each other. We're in love. We've made it."

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The sweet string of snapshots show Jared and Ashley I. looking especially radiant at the evening's premiere. Even only at a glance, the duo's tangible exuberance is hard to miss. But there are a few photos in particular that seem to have snagged the internet's attention.

That shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, since the attention-grabbing photos in question see Ashley I. and Jared in the midst of what looks like a pretty passionate kiss. And while it might be tempting to scroll through their smooch series and think, "So what? Big deal," it actually is a pretty big deal for Ashley I. and Jared, who've been playing a game of relationship cat-and-mouse for years now.

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As more seasoned residents of Bachelor Nation know already, the fan-favored BiP alums met on set way back in 2015, but it would be three more years until they'd officially put a label on the relationship. That happened just last month, in May 2018. So, as far as their public displays of affection are concerned, it seems like Ashley I. and Jared have some catching up to do.

Suffice to say, they've been "catching up" quite a lot recently. Tuesday night's red carpet smooch trails a series of notably affectionate public outings for the new couple, who've been photographed kissing a few times since they first confirmed their relationship status back in May. Lucky for fans of the couple, a few of those PDA moments even played out during other photographable events, like Nylon's Young Hollywood Party on May 22, which doubled as the pair's red carpet debut. (As a couple, that is.) Less than two weeks later, the two were caught smooching once again — this time, during iHeartRadio's Wango Tango event in L.A. on June 2.


Public outings aside, it seems like Ashley I. and Jared are all about PDA in their personal lives, too. Those who've seen either BiP alum's respective Instagram accounts are probably duly aware of this, since the couple's penchant for snuggling, giggling, and staring giddily into each other's eyes has been cropping up on the social media platform a lot lately.

Most recently, Ashley I. gave fans a glimpse into what "date night" looks like for her and her new beau. And apparently, it looks a lot like cuddling up on the couch with some reality TV.

Still, those who follow either Ashley I. or Jared on Instagram know their sleepy couch-laden snapshot hardly seems to cover half the scope of their adorably affectionate activity on social media. As far as their relationship is concerned, that's probably a really good sign.

Because while some folks might roll their eyes at Ashley I. and Jared's conceivable affinity for PDA, it might be worth considering the possibility that they're simply over the moon about this newfound romance and are proud to share it with the world. That, in and of itself, sounds like a pretty beautiful thing.