Chelsea Opened Up About Her Son's Father On 'The Bachelor'

Paul Herbert/ABC

The one-on-one dates on The Bachelor give the contestants the opportunity to share their personal stories with the Bachelor and viewers. During Chelsea's date with Arie on The Bachelor, she discussed her relationship with her 3-year-old son's father. While that relationship ended with him allegedly leaving Chelsea for another woman, things are looking up for her on The Bachelor, as Arie gave Chelsea the rose on their date. Arie acknowledged that since she is a single mother, he doesn't want to waste any of Chelsea's time. But with that rose, Arie showed that he obviously has strong feelings for Chelsea and she'll be around for at least another week and potentially longer. But whether or not Chelsea makes it all the way to hometown dates, you're still going to want to see photos of Chelsea with her son Sammy because they're genuinely adorable.

As Chelsea said at dinner during their Fort Lauderdale date, she started dating Sammy's dad when she was 20 years old and they were together for a total of seven years. Yet, their story doesn't end well since Chelsea says that when Sammy was six months old, they separated. Now Sammy's father is married to the woman he allegedly left Chelsea for and they have a son of their own.

According to Glamour, Chelsea shares custody with Sammy's father and her Instagram shows her and her son's quality time together. While splitting her time with Sammy with her ex must be tough, her Instagram implies that she makes the most of it.

Snowy Days

Januarys in Maine are tough, so these two are bundled up after Sammy spent the previous day on the slopes trying out skiing.


With her backpack on and Sammy donning his camouflage coat, these two are ready to take on the world.

Beach Days

It's not always freezing in Maine as this beach picture shows.


You can't see their faces in this post, but it's pretty impressive that this 3-year-old is mastering the art of skateboarding already.

Piggyback Rides

Sammy looks like he loves traveling with his mom.

Nautical Vibes

This photo is quintessential Maine with the colorful buoys.

Hand Holding

Chelsea and her son know how to do summer right.


With that smile, Sammy could be following his mom's model footsteps.

Piggyback Rides β€” Part 2

In this caption, she said Sammy is "everything," which echoes what she said to Arie about having less now relationship-wise, but that it feels like she has everything.


Beyond skateboarding, Sammy also already knows how to ride a bike too. Skiing, skateboarding, and biking? This kid is an athletic triple threat at only three.

Sticking Out Tongues

In this caption, Chelsea wishes weekends were longer. Same, to be honest.

Looking Like Twins

Seriously, the model vibes are strong in this one with that stare. And yes, Sammy bears a striking resemblance to his mother.

Being A Kid

In case you thought Sammy was training to be an Olympian or something, this photo of him doing Chelsea's hair proves he's still just a hilarious little kid.

Giving Kisses

Seriously sweet.

So even though Chelsea will make it at least another week on The Bachelor, how long she will stay with Arie isn't clear yet. But what is clear is the love she has for her son. She even said in her intro package, I want another man in my life that treats me right and can show Sammy what it is to be a father ... to be a male figure.”

But, even if she doesn't leave the show with a guy, she's got one waiting for her at home.