Photos Of Hedda Hopper In Real Life Will Make You Swoon For The Days Of Vintage Hollywood Glamour

Suzanne Tenner/FX

Hedda Hopper was a force unlike anything Hollywood had ever seen before or since. By all accounts, she was a one-woman tabloid and then some. On Sunday, March 5, viewers will see Judy Davis play Hedda Hopper in Feud, Ryan Murphy's new miniseries about the relationship between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Although she is likely best known as the woman with the most dangerous typewriter in Hollywood, she also spent some time in front of the camera herself. One look at these photos of the real Hedda Hopper from her heyday will have you longing for the days of vintage Hollywood glamour.

According to Biography, Hopper's real name was Elda Furry, but she changed it when she married a comedic actor named DeWolf Hopper. She began a career as a silent film actress and eventually transitioned into the world of writing. Besides becoming the most feared and revered gossip columnist with her column in the Los Angeles Times, Hopper wrote two best-selling autobiographies, The Whole Truth And Nothing But and From Under My Hat. The latter title refers to the fact that, when she wasn't ruling the world with her pen, Hopper was killing the fashion world with her famous hat collection. Biography states that Hopper would reportedly buy 150 hats a year, and they were all equally flamboyant.

In the 2016 film Trumbo, Hopper was played by Helen Mirren who told The Hollywood Reporter that Hopper's influence over the box office has never been matched. Before you see Davis take on the role, check out these photos of Hopper and be transported back to her world of glamour.

Hollywood Personified

Seriously, that is what you picture when you think about the golden age of Hollywood.

In Front Of The Camera

Hopper (on the left) looks pretty natural on screen, huh? This shot is from a movie she was in with Carole Lombard in 1929 called, The Racketeer.

Her Famous Hats

They really were something.

Flapper Chic

Hopper flawlessly shows off the look of that time period.

Just Hanging With Marilyn Monroe

As one does.

...And Natalie Wood

As one does.

A Perfect Description Of Hopper

This photo encapsulates everything I have read about her, from the outfit to the typewriter to the phone.

Hopper's influence was clearly legendary and it will be amazing to see how Davis brings her to life on Feud.