These Photos Of Women's Day Protests In 13 Cities Around The World Will Fill You With Hope

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On March 8, women across the world took to the streets to demand better wages and access to reproductive health care, while also protesting rape culture and gender discrimination, among other things. As The New York Times reported, this year's International Women's Day seemed to carry a "renewed energy" among feminists. And based on the photos of protests and rallies on International Women's Day in cities across the world, it's clear that women everywhere are ready for change.

This year's International Women's Day featured a variety of demands from activists and allies throughout the world. Marchers held signs that read things like "Neutrality is not an option," "No hate, no fear, all are welcome here," "Feminism is equality," and more. In various photos, protesters emphasized changes to policies on immigration, reproductive rights, education, and wages. Time and again, participants in strikes in different cities demanded intersectionality, equality, and resistance against authoritarianism.

In Madrid, Spain, women took to the streets for a strike. One of the feminist groups, Huelga Feminista, released a manifesto in which they proclaimed, "Today we claim a society free of oppression, exploitation and sexual violence. We call for rebellion and the struggle against the alliance between patriarchy and capitalism that wants us to be docile, submissive and silent."

Transcending borders, class, and race, this year's International Women's Day protesters made themselves heard, loud and clear.

London, England
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In London, strikers went out to demand more equal rights for women in the United Kingdom. One protester's sign read, "And though she be but little, she is fierce." That, in case you didn't know, is a quote by William Shakespeare — or "Willy Shakes" as the protester cheekily put it.

Miramar, Florida, United States
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In Florida's Miramar, protesters shed light on immigration issues for women and held signs with women of color on the front. "No hate, no fear, all are welcome here," one sign said.

Athens, Greece
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In Athens, protesters held signs for women demanding equality and revolution. Not limited to English, some marchers held signs in Urdu and Persian.

Berlin, Germany
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A protester in Berlin held an illustrated sign with the earth inside the female reproductive system and simply said, "They are coming."

Madrid, Spain
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Colorful marchers took to the streets in Madrid.

Manila, Philippines
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In the Philippines, women protested the current leader Rodrigo Duterte, calling him fascist, authoritarian, and an abuser of women's rights. Protesters held signs that read, "#NeverAgain to a fascist dictatorship" while throwing fists in the air and chanting for more equality.

Chicago, United States
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In Chicago, the women's protest took on a labor front as strikers demanded for better wages for women and living conditions for those from working class backgrounds.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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In Chiang Mai, women participants of the International Women's Day strike came out in full support of better education policies, more government investment in students, and migration rights.

New York City, United States
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In the Big Apple, protesters held signs that read, "I strike for respect and dignity for all womxn." The use of "womxn" in certain signs is a practice among some progressives who wish to be more inclusive of those who may not identify with one gender.

Istanbul, Turkey
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Thousands flocked to the streets in Istanbul for a rally in honor of International Women's Day.

Karachi, Pakistan

Across the city of Karachi in Pakistan, women marched in the streets on March 8, carrying signs with feminist slogans and celebrating women's achievements.

New Delhi, India

Demonstrators also descended on the streets of New Delhi to protest rape culture. India has what many have dubbed a "rape crisis"; sexual violence in the country is rampant, and women have pushed to change the culture for years.

Portland, Oregon, United States

Like many cities across the United States, Portland saw residents joining rallies to protest racism, sexism, and inequality.

Many more protests took place in cities around the world on International Women's Day. And if there's one thing these photos show, it's that the fight for an equal society, whether in Thailand, Spain, or the United States, never ends.