Literally Just 15 Smokin' Photos Of Kit Harington In His 'Gunpowder' Costume

Robert Viglasky/HBO

Although Liv Tyler and Tom Cullen are also in Gunpowder, Kit Harington is the face of the HBO miniseries. As he stars as Robert Catesby, it makes sense that Harington is the dominating presence in the Gunpowder advertisements. Yet, Harington is probably also front and center because HBO knows how much its viewers love to see Jon Snow in historically-inspired costumes. Because even if you aren't that intrigued by the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, where a group of Catholics tried to kill the British king, you're most likely very into the idea of seeing the Game Of Thrones actor strut around for three hours in 17th-century clothing. So what better way to prepare yourself for Gunpowder than to look at photos of Kit Harington in period costumes?

Harington portrays his actual ancestor Catesby in the three-part miniseries, which airs at 10 p.m. ET on Dec. 18, 19, and 20. "I would have loved it if Catesby had had short hair," Harington said to The Telegraph about how he wanted the character to have different look from his Game Of Thrones role. "But he didn't. He had long hair and a beard, so I wasn't going to fight against it." That means that as Catesby, Harington still looks very much like Jon Snow. But rather than be bundled up in fur for exploits North of the Wall, Harington rocks a leather coat as he plans to blow up Parliament in Gunpowder. And this conspirator also has a mustache to match his plan, so Harington has a curly mustache to look like his ancestor — but, alas, no pointy beard.

Catesby is a far less swoon-worthy character than Jon Snow since he is morally compromised, but Harington will undoubtedly make Catesby attractive. However, if you fear that Harington's appeal is historically inaccurate, it turns out that Catesby was kind of a catch — despite being a religious fanatic and an attempted assassin. As National Geographic wrote, "In his early 30s when he conceived the plot, Catesby had a strong, attractive personality. A Victorian historian declared 'he is said to have exercised a magical influence on all who mixed with him.' He used his charisma to sell his belief that only extreme, spectacular violence would end the persecution suffered by English Catholics."

And, these images of Harington in his Gunpowder costume prove that he is tapping into his ancestor's charisma himself — and that the Jon Snow actor can't help but look good no matter the time or place.

1. Confrontational Harington

Robert Viglasky/HBO

Although Liv Tyler plays Catesby's cousin Anne Vaux, who shares his religious beliefs, they appear to be facing off in this photo.

2. Harington Channels The Three Musketeers

Harington gets some swashbuckling assistance from Edward Holcroft (Thomas Wintour) and Cullen (Guy Fawkes).

3. All The Ruffles In The World

Robert Viglasky/HBO

Who knew a leather jacket could be ruffly?

4. He Sees The Light

The way the light hits his dark curls proves that Catesby's hair really is the same as Jon Snow's.

5. He Lets The Mustache Do The Talking

But look at that 'stache! This photo really shows off his tiny handlebar mustache, which The Telegraph wrote was made possible by "copious amounts of wax."

6. He Is Disheveled, But Still Buttoned-Up

Robert Viglasky/HBO

How'd he find time to do up that shirt while also planning a major attack against the Crown?

7. Back-To-Back Buds

Robert Viglasky/HBO

The official uniform for the Gunpowder Plot gang was apparently a leather jacket.

8. He Wields His Weapon

There are no guns in Westeros, so this is a new look for Harington.

9. He Rides In Style

Robert Viglasky/HBO

The coat, the hat, the boots — Robert Catesby has got it going on.

10. Hats Off To Harington

Fun fact: Catesby is apparently the originator of the flipped up brim look.

11. Incredulous Harington

This is a pretty familiar look for Game Of Thrones fans.

12. Sooty Harington

Looks like somebody has been messing around with the gunpowder.

13. Sleepy Harington

Typically, Harington doesn't have any time to close his eyes on Game Of Thrones since he's always on the lookout for White Walkers (except for that time he died). To be fair, the devout Catholic character is probably praying, not snoozing, here.

14. Broody Harington

Robert Viglasky/HBO

No matter what century or land Harington is in, he's the best brooder around, as Tyrion acknowledged in Game Of Thrones Season 7. And based on these photos, Harington will brood — and smolder — his way through Gunpowder.