These Are The Only 2 Photos Fans Have Seen Of Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Together

by Nicole Pomarico
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you're as famous as Taylor Swift, keeping your relationships under wraps can be next to impossible, but she's managed to keep her latest pretty low-key. So low-key, in fact, that photos of Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn are ridiculously difficult to find. After all, it's not like they've been attending events together or sharing couple selfies on Instagram.

And if you actually want to see Swift and Alwyn together, good luck. They've only been caught by paparazzi a handful of times, and never up close. Photos of them have been always taken from a far distance, and almost all of them are blurry and feature them trying to hide their identities from the camera. The Old Taylor may have wanted to flaunt her love while holding hands on the streets of New York or posing in her seat at an award show, but this is The New Taylor, and that's just not her style.

Maybe with this new Reputation era upon us, Swift will become more open about her relationship. But if not? These few photos are all we have to go on, and they tell us almost nothing about her life with Alwyn — or even her life in general.

First, we have this basically useless photo, because without the paparazzi captioning their photos the way they do, there's virtually no way of knowing who's even in this picture. It still could be anyone:

Apparently, what Alwyn and Swift do in their spare time together is hang out in backpacks and dark clothing. Since this photo gives us nothing, it also raises a lot of questions. Is the caption on this tweet right? Are they actually the real life A from Pretty Little Liars? Or are they both the Black Hood from Riverdale? The world may never know.

The world also may never know where they were going or why. Would it kill them to hit the red carpet together once in awhile and pose for some professional photos showing both of their faces? Think of the rest of us, please.

But even though fans are suffering, you have to admit that Swift is killing the low-key relationship game. If she doesn't want to be photographed, she makes sure the photos aren't worth using.

But there is one photo of the two that actually gives us a look at them. It's the best photo of Swift and Alwin together so far — and it only earns that title because it's the only photo where you can actually see their faces. Earlier this year, paparazzi managed to catch them out on a "date" in Nashville:

In comparison to the other photo of these two together, this is adorable. Look at them, enjoying each other's company. They may be out in public, or they might be on a hotel balcony, but either way, this is the best photo there is of them so far. Swift is even on the phone smiling, which must be a good sign. And they look super casual, which means this relationship is probably at its comfortable, broken in stage, which is a really nice to place to be.

It's a rare moment to see Swift and Alwyn together, but hopefully now that she doesn't seem to be trying to hide the fact that they're dating, those moments will become more and more common. After singing so many sweet lyrics dedicated to her new boyfriend, fans are going to be more curious than ever about their relationship.

It's hard to say whether or not Swift and Alwyn will stay at this level of privacy, but it's definitely good to see her with someone who obviously makes her so happy, and that's what really counts.