Photos Of Trump & Melania At Dinner In An English Palace Show They Got Quite The Welcome

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Whether you're a sartorial enthusiast or just a person with a keen eye, you probably already know how much attention is paid to the outfits that the president and the first lady wear. And these photos of Donald and Melania Trump in England — specifically at a dinner event — show how the first couple presented themselves at their first official event on their trip to the United Kingdom.

Flanked by Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband, Philip May, Trump and Melania were seen heading off to the state dinner at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. The president was decked in a suit while his wife wore a light yellow gown that Vanity Fair described as a buttercup gown. Jezebel, on the other hand, likened the dress' shade to a slightly less favorable color. Clearly, people have their takes on the first lady's fashion.

According to CNN, the state dinner for Trump and the first lady was specifically set at the Blenheim Palace as it is the only palace in the United Kingdom that does not fall under the ownership of the British royalty or its church. Under normal circumstances, visiting presidents and premiers are hosted at the royal palaces but CNN reported that due to the current protests against Trump — including a giants-sized balloon depicting Trump as an infant over central London — the Blenheim Palace was the most obvious choice. Without further ado, here are some photos of Trump and Melania, accompanied by May and her husband, in England.


Shoulder To Shoulder

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Both the Mays as well as the Trumps stood shoulder to shoulder outside the palace as the press took photos of them.


Onward To The Palace

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May walked ahead with Trump while her husband fell back with Melania.


The First Lady's 'Buttercup Gown'

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It seems like Vanity Fair chose an apt descriptor for Melania's dress.


On The Palace's Staircase

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And of course, the palace's red carpet.


Blenheim Palace

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This wide shot shows how large Blenheim Palace is.


With May

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Here Trump is seen with May as he greets her at the palace. Both leaders will be discussing different issues in their countries, with perhaps a particular focus on immigration policy. Prior to meeting May, Trump said, "I think [British people] agree with me on immigration ... You see what's going on throughout the world with immigration ... I think that's why Brexit happened."


Melania's Yellow Pleated Dress

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Theories, of course, went through the ceiling the moment Melania's dress became public. If you search "Melania yellow dress" on Twitter, you will see some fawning over the dress while others weren't so enthusiastic.

In one case, some shared the theory that Melania was apparently "trolling" Trump by dressing similar to damsel-in-distress Belle from Beauty and The Beast. There's no confirmation that such a presidential cosplay took place but on Twitter, some people seem to enjoy the joke.


Among Palace Guards

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Someone could totally write a detailed essay on the garb of those who stand guarding the Blenheim Palace. Perhaps another day.


This Quick Shot

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This may be the result of a quick click of the camera, but the first lady and the president seem to be in awe of the Blenheim Palace. May and her husband, on the other hand, look more interested in conversation.


Shades Together

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Some may find May's red dress contrasted against Melania's yellow a pleasant juxtaposition.


Worn Palace

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Blenheim Palace in the background looks positively old.


In Full View

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And now, a shot of the Blenheim Palace with Trump, May, Melania, and Philip on the staircase.


It's unclear if photographers were allowed into the palace where both couples were having dinner. For now, though, you'll have to take in the glory of the Blenheim Palace — and the protests taking place nearby against Trump.