People Are Eating Pickle Split Sundaes Now & The Combos Look Delicious

While we long ago established that you scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream as a part of the human condition, this time you may be screaming for a truly bigger dill. Here to nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually confuse you is a pickle ice cream split, which is exactly as it sounds: the banana in your typical ice cream split is swapped out for pickles, so that ice cream is stacked on top of two halves of a pickle spear. Welcome to the summer of 2019, y'all — it looks like it's about to get as lawless as it is delicious.

This bold creation comes by way of Pine Mountain Country Coffee House, a mercantile and coffee shop based in Missouri. In an interview with St. Louis-based KSDK-TV, shop owner Deanna Farrar revealed that the pickle split was inspired by a teenage dare to eat pickles with ice cream. After enjoying the untraditional combo, it became a mainstay in her life, and now on the Pine Mountain Country Coffee House menu.

I was thinking one day at work, while working on menus to make a pickle sundae. Later that week while out to dinner with my husband we were talking about it and our waitress even said it sounded good and she would eat it," Farrar shared with KSDK-TV. "My husband said 'wow, next thing I know you will come up with a pickle spilt lol.' I told him that was genius! I made it and a lot of people really like it."

In case you are struggling to picture what this looks like, struggle no longer — here is the pickle split in all of her briny glory.

Per KSDK-TV, the pickle split currently retails for $7.50, which seems like a small price to pay to go on a journey as unique as this. Especially considering the realm of possibility that may be available to you — Pine Mountain Country Coffee House recently shared its extensive ice cream menu, which I imagine you can select from for the pickle split experience. Whether or not you're brave enough to try Mint Chocolate Chip, Coffee, and Strawberry ice cream on a pickle is a matter I will leave up to you and your tastebuds, but I know that I personally feel as though most of the experiences in my life have all been mere moments on the ultimate path leading me to this.

True pickle connoisseurs will know that this actually isn't the first time pickles and ice cream have been married in somewhat holy matrimony; just last May, we were introduced to pickle-flavored soft serve, which came by way of Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. in New York City. This is to say: there is a demand for pickles and ice cream, and the world is finally starting to rise to meet it. Whether or not you will be brave enough to answer this particular call is up to you, my fellow pickle stans — some of us may have fear in our hearts, but this summer, it seems the true brine-or-die will shine.