Pink Just Released A Music Video Starring Channing Tatum & It Just Gets Better From There

PinkVEVO on YouTube

On Tuesday, a new music video hit the internet, and it takes one unexpected turn after the next. After the album of the same name was released Oct. 13, Pink's "Beautiful Trauma" music video made its debut with an on-point performance and choreography alongside Channing Tatum. Pink and Tatum play a 1950s married couple in the video, which seems just like a colorful Stepfordville at first, until the twists kick in.

Boasting with bold pinks, blues, and yellows, the seemingly peachy-keen video starts off with married couple Ginger and Fred Hart (appropriately named after Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire) — who, by the way, sleep in separate beds because this is the PG '50s. Afterward, Tatum's character reads the newspaper while Pink's vacuums like an obedient housewife. Audiences are then brought to the kitchen, where things start taking a turn.

Fred Hart sits at the kitchen table waiting for his wife to bring him his meal. He then pours liquor into a coffee mug from a flask while she proceeds to pop handfuls of pills from her collection of dozens of prescription bottles. The two then break into a mesmerizing dance which allows them (and the audience) to temporarily forget about their underlying dysfunction.

Walking through her house with a basket of laundry, Ginger Hart straightens a hung, tilted frame (which is is around a punched hole in the wall). She then catches her husband in her closet dressed in her clothes. She's as surprised as he is, but, rather than being upset by it, she embraces it and even puts her red lipstick on him and the two break into dance. This is far from the traditional '50s couple introduced in the beginning, and it's actually delightful.

After Ginger is shown hopelessly drinking a martini in an empty bathtub, the two once again break into a happy dance to temporarily mask their individual pain. The kicker of the video is the S&M ending, when Fred Hart wakes up (and is tied up) to his wife and another woman donned in head-to-toe black leather while teasing him (and he likes it). It comes to a close with they go to sleep (in their separate beds) and Ginger is wearing a "Mr." eye mask while her husband wears the "Mrs."

The video is a strong representation of the song and Pink's entire album, which she describes as life's dichotomy of being terribly tragic and wonderful at the same time. "Life is f*cking traumatic," Pink wrote on Twitter when releasing the title track. "But it's also incredibly beautiful, too. There's a lot of beauty still and beautiful souls."

The collaboration with Tatum was totally unexpected, especially since Pink took a completely different approach to the song when performing it at the 2017 American Music Awards on Sunday. At the show, she achieved yet another challenging performance: hanging by high wire while walking alongside an LA skyscraper, suspended in the air hundreds of feet above ground.

Neither Pink nor Tatum teased their collaboration on social media before its release, but, so far, fans are loving it. "Make a #LaLaLand 2 with @Pink and @channingtatum like right now!!!," CNN anchor Juan C. Arciniegas wrote on Twitter. "#Beautifultrauma by pink says everything that im feeling right now. This experience with you is bliss," another fan wrote. And this fan pretty much sums it up: "OKAY THE BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA VIDEO IS F*CKIN AMAZING! WIG FLEW TO MARS."

The dynamic duo and stunning imagery help the video portray important messages about acceptance, love, pain, and life's ups and downs.