Pink's Kids Are Ready To Be Rockstars Like Their Mom

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

By now, the world knows Pink embodies true badassery. The singer came out of the gates holding nothing back with her rebellious point of view, setting the tone with feisty tracks like "There You Go" and "Most Girls." Pink has been a force to be reckoned with in the music industry since her 2000 debut, and receiving the Video Vanguard Award at the 2017 VMAs is just a reminder of that. But thanks to social media, audiences get to see what the global superstar is like taking on another, more private role she loves: the family matriarch. And Pink is one amazing mom.

While it's awesome seeing a totally different side of the performer, it's also great to see that she's still the fiery woman fans always loved, even around her family. Not only are her young kids Willow Sage (six) and Jameson Moon (eight months) learning what a fierce female looks like, but what rockstar life on the road is like. Traveling with her kids and husband of 11 years, Carey Hart, the 37-year-old sets the example of why a woman can excel at everything she does. Her kids are already getting invaluable experience, and from the looks of it, they're loving what life in the fast lane has to offer.

While on her 2017 What About Us Tour, Pink has captured the best moments of little Willow and Jameson along for the ride, and needless to say, no one will be surprised if they take the stage one day.

They Already Have Tour Bus Life Down

Touring isn't the most typical way for kids to spend summers off, or life in general, but they're actually living their best lives out there.

They're Getting Exposed To All The Prep

Being in hair, makeup, and costume while watching her little ones can't be easy, but Pink makes it happen and has fun while doing it.

They're Embracing All Different Countries

Pink's kids don't have to be nestled at home to be comfortable and happy. They've spent the summer seeing the world, and all that travel ain't a thing to them.

They're Connecting With All Types Of People

Life on the road means exposure to different people all over the world. Pink's little girl is holding her own among the grownups and helping her mom's team while she's at it.

They Already Have Mean Guitar-Shredding Faces

Just hand them the mic and they're good to go.

Long Car Rides Are Just A Regular Pastime

As long as they have headphones.

They're Just Waiting For Amazing Costumes

And they definitely have the perfect role model to use as their muse for future wardrobe. Pink matches with her daughter sometimes, and more elaborate costumes are right around the corner.

Multitasking Is No Big Thing

A rockstar's gotta do what a rockstar's gotta do, and Pink certainly trains her kids to be as productive as possible.

They Do What They Want, Like True Rockstars

Pink's daughter rides a bike inside without clothes on because she can.

They're Basically Already Performing

Music is in their blood and they'd probably be backup dancers if they were tall enough (or in Jameson's case, if he could walk).

The Stage Is Already Theirs

Just give them the cue and they'll be ready. It's clear the stage is their second home and they're certainly not camera-shy.

And At The End Of The Day, They Have Each Other.

Life on the road can't be easy, never mind with little ones on your hip. Pink shows her kids that touring doesn't have to be as stressful or taxing as many would assume, and a strong family foundation can be built along the way.

It's only a matter of time before Pink's kids take their own stages by storm, and if one thing is certain it's that they're learning from the best.