This Perfume Hack Will Keep You Smelling Amazing All Day

There are plenty of perfume hacks designed to help your fragrance last longer, ranging from where you spritz it to how you layer it to where you store the bottle. But this is the most brilliant and easiest perfume hack of them all. Pinrose Perfume's Petal Packs feature single-serve perfume wipes that you can use to refresh your fragrance on the fly throughout the day and discreetly.

Think about it. You don't need to lug around a heavy bottle of one of your fave scents, weighing you and your bag down. You don't have to concern yourself with your preferred perfume fading to nothing during the day, thus sacrificing your intoxicating and inviting aura, either.

You can tuck these Petals in your desk drawer, handbag, wallet, or back pocket and pull them out as needed. The TSA-friendly size and formulation mean that the individually wrapped $24 Petal Packs are super convenient when flying, too.

Pinrose also offers the option to build your own Petal Packs with a variety of fragrances, all of which are unique, for $30.

Because you can carry multiple scents with you while taking up a minimum of space, you can layer or mix things up whenever you need to reinvigorate your perfume, provided the fragrances and the notes are complimentary.

When I received Pinrose Petal Packs from the brand, I quickly swiped on the Sun Saint wipe, which smelled like the beach in a packet, on my wrist and my neck. I even dabbed it on my shirt and hair to absorb some additional scent. I took my English bulldog Higgins out for a walk about an hour later on hot and humid August day and was promptly bitten by a mosquito.

That's how I knew that my perfume wipe truly worked. It was a blessing disguised as a mosquito bite.

Fast forward three hours later and I could still smell the fragrance whenever I inhaled. I buried my nose in the crook of my arm and the scent lingered. Its strength dissipated a touch, but that's to be expected.

If I wanted to build my fragrance further, I could have swiped another wipe. It's that easy.

Besides being a truly serviceable hack, I found the Pinrose Petal Packs to be the perfect option for me for an entirely different reason than convenience. Here's why.

I tend to gravitate towards a body splash (or several body splashes combined) for my everyday scent. Sometimes, I mix scented lotions with a body splash or a light perfume spritz as opposed to a full-on, super strong colognes that stay bold throughout the day.

That can give me a headache. But the Petal Pack offerings are fresh and fun, and stay light and scented throughout the day.

Courtesy of Pinrose

Travel Set, $24, Pinrose

If you are not committed to a signature scent and like to switch up your Eau de You every day, then the Pinrose Petal Packs will be your new go-to to stay fresh.

Plus, the modern and adorable packaging is to die for.

Courtesy of Pinrose

My personal faves are Secret Genius, which is a warm, melty blend of vanilla and caramel, and Pillowtalk Poet, which fuses fresh linen, powder, and musk.

Gilded Fox is particularly potent, autumn-ready option, mixing notes of cocoa and cardamom with buttered rum and cedar. Yum!

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

Starter Pack, $14, Pinrose

The brand also offers a Starter Pack featuring 14 petals for $11. That way, you can pick your potion (or potions) after you test-drive a variety of stellar scents. Then, you can then create a custom petal pack or purchase a full-sized bottle of your new signature fragrance.

If this is the future of staying freshly scented, count me in.