This Glitter Fragrance Was Inspired By Your Awkward Middle School Phase

Kali Borovic

There are certain products that will instantly transport you back to childhood. Odds are that you had at least one glitter spray in your caboodle. Well, this brand is bringing the trend back in a big way. Pinrose created a Shimmer Mist that smells like a grown up fragrance, and still gives a the glow that you know and love.

Let's be honest, shimmer can be right and it can be really wrong. Pinrose found a way keep everything you love about a sparkly fragrance and pair it with a classic fragrance that you can wear anytime. Think of it as the childhood spray all grown up.

Just when you thought the brand's bestselling scent Secret Genius couldn't get any better, Pinrose added holographic micro glitter to it. The scent is in a clear, elegant bottle, sprays out just like any other scent, and gives odd a glow that is subtle but statement making all at the same time.

The nostalgia is there, but it's all grown up. In fact, it was meant to take you back in time.

"Our inspiration comes from our awkward years. You know, the years where you're growing out your bangs and have braces and write poetry. For my co-founder, Christine, and me, those years were 1995-1997 to be exact," Pinrose founder Erika Shumate tells Bustle.

"One of our favorite movies from this time was Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. I would have totally died over wearing this shimmer mist with my silver liquid liner that I applied on the school bus. But alas, I was wearing Vanilla Fields and Bath and Body Works sparkle lotions."

Kali Borovic

The scent is available right now exclusively on the Sephora website. The bottle rings in at $42, which is slightly higher than than the one you had when you were a kid. But this is a whole lot less gimmicky.

The scent is a mix of vanilla, caramel, and sandalwood, but won't smell exactly the same on everyone. Pinrose uses fragrance oils, so it melds with your body heat and gives of a slightly different, personalized smell on everyone who wears it. The shimmer is just as versatile — hence the name Secret Genius.

"Secret Genius is our best selling fragrance. It is an incredibly elegant yet playful blend of vanilla, caramel and sandalwood," Shumate says. "We also thought that the name Secret Genius works with the concept of a shimmer - you can see it in some lights and not in others."

Kali Borovic

There are tons of different ways to wear this product, too. You can simply spray a few pumps into the air, walk through it, and let it fall where it may. Or you can spray it directly on your skin so that everyone can see the shine. Shumate even strategically places it on her body with a makeup brush, which is pretty much genius.

"I love wearing the Shimmer Mist on my shoulders and collarbones," says Shumate. "It's perfect with an off the shoulder sweater or a tank top or dress. Sometimes, I use a makeup brush to blend the shimmer. And if I'm feeling really nostalgic, I throw on a choker."

As of right now, the brand has no plan on making the glitter fragrance in any of its' other scents. There is good news though — Shimmer Mist is not limited edition. You'll be able to stock up on this product all festival season into summer.

Kali Borovic

There is truly nothing better than getting to be your grown-up self with a hint of throwback. Especially when it comes to beauty products. Because color trends will come and go, but glitter is forever.