Pokémon Sugar Cookie Dough Just Hit Shelves — Here's Where To Find It

Since the late 2010s have essentially just become the '90s all over again, it's only fitting that the Pokémonaissance that started with "Pokémon Go" in 2016 has only grown stronger since. While we still have plenty to occupy us Pokémon-wise with the app still in full swing (looking at you, family members still on it) and the new games on Nintendo Switch, the latest Pokémon trend is a little more hands-on and a LOT more delicious: Pillsbury has Pokemon sugar cookie dough that comes in little shapes inspired by the iconic card game/television series/pseudo-religion you followed in the '90s. Now you can make your whole kitchen smell like that time your elementary school teachers banned you from trading cards during recess all over again!

The cookies were spotted in the refrigerated section of Walmart by Instagram account @snackspy. Per the image, the cookies come pre-cut in packages of 24, with half of them in the shape of Pokéballs and the other half with an outline of your favorite sassy electric mouse. It's worth noting that they don't appear to have hit Walmart's website yet, and that availability may be a little limited as of right now — as dorky as it is to admit, I went looking for these at my local Walmart and they weren't on shelves yet — but hopefully, considering the demand for all things Pokémon, these cookies will see a wider rollout soon. I mean, just look at them. What self-respecting '90s kid wouldn't want it in their lives?

These cookies are far from the only thing that Pokemon lovers have to look forward to in 2019. Those of us keeping up with our favorite fictional creatures are well-aware that another Pokémon movie is on the way. Remember in 2017, when everyone flipped their lids because Pikachu spoke human words to Ash at the end of Pokémon: I Choose You!? Turns out we as a society are leaning right into that weirdness, if the upcoming trailer for Detective Pikachu, slated for a May 2019 release, is any indication. Ryan Reynolds plays the lead as one gloriously sarcastic Pikachu, who speaks more English in the trailer than I possibly do in an entire day (though, to be fair, he is technically speaking in Pokémon; only one human seems to be able to understand him).

All this is to say, if you are unnerved by the idea of a talking Pikachu and unsure with how you're going to cope with it psychologically come 2019, it looks like you'll be able to take the edge off with these new cookies from Pillsbury. Pop them in the oven, bake, and forget. And if that doesn't work, well — you can always see if that "Pokémon Go" dating app is still functioning. If you're going to be scarred for life by Ryan Reynolds playing a foot-tall mouse, you might as well do it with a buddy.

In the meantime, if you're looking for these cookies, keep an eye out at your local Walmart — even if you don't spot them, there's plenty of Pokémon stuff there for you to blow all your Pokémon Dollars on in the Year Of Our CGI Pikachu 2019.