Ponytail Eyebrows Have Hit The Internet, & It's Time For This Madness To Stop

by Melanie Richtman

Have the ridiculous viral eyebrow trends gone too far? That was a rhetorical question, because the answer is obviously "yes." At least that was the point makeup artist Mary Jane was trying to make when she shared a photo on Instagram of ponytail eyebrows in an effort to take a stand against these viral eyebrow trends taking over the internet.

In her photoshopped photo mocking weird eyebrow trends, Mary Jane (@maryivani) said, "OmG wAvYbRoWs and BrAiDeDbRoWs (insert spongebob meme) what about PONYTAIL BROWS WOWWWWWW. Gettin real tired of edited brows that get recognition lol it's fake (this is not this is my real brow hair) lol." Same, girl. Same.

Clearly it's time we all band together to stop our fascination with these viral brow trends and start appreciating real brows that are actually wearable and actually require talent beyond possessing photoshop capabilities. It was fun for a bit to see what crazy things people could come up with, but enough is enough.

Instead, why don't we appreciate perfectly groomed brows that won't cause confused looks in real life? Let's all admire a Cara Delevingne/Taylor Hill bushy brow, or a perfectly-in-place Kylie Jenner brow, rather than a feathered brow or wavy brow.

We have no advice for you on how to get the perfect ponytail brow (although we could probably show you a few photoshop tricks), but here are some products you can use to get perfect, real eyebrows.

For A One Step Look

Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, $24,

Gimme Brow, much like Glossier's Boy Brow, is a tinted brow gel that you apply with a mini mascara-like wand. It's great for those of you who are low maintenance or want a natural look. The tinted gel is easily applied in a few quick swipes and works well to fill in those frustrating sparse patches.

This Seven Piece Set For Perfectly Groomed Brows

Expert Brow Kit, $49,

The name says it all. Everything you need for a expertly groomed eyebrow is in this kit from Sigma Beauty. Trim your brows with the scissors, pluck stray hairs with the tweezers, comb them with the spooly brush, fill them in with the two shades of brow powder, set them in place with the brow wax, and highlight them with the brow specific highlight shades. It's one of the best brow powders on the market too.

This Affordable Brow Pencil

Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Pencil, $2.19,

At a little over $2, you can't go wrong with this wet n wild brow pencil with the conveniently attached spooly brush. It comes in blonde, brunette, and black. Use short, quick strokes to replicate your eyebrow hairs.

This Clear Gel For A Natural Look

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara, $5.99,

If you have thick, bushy brows that you want to rein in a little, this clear mascara is perfect for you. It doesn't flake and it will keep your brows in place all day. For those of you with less full brows, you can throw it on over a brow powder or brow pencil application to keep everything together. This is also great for lazy days when you just want to groom your brows in one quick step without really applying any makeup.

This Perfectly-Tinted Brow Powder

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Powder, $24,

Pretty much everything IT Cosmetics makes is pure gold, and its brow products are no different. After all, founder Jamie Kern Lima has sparse brows herself and made a name for her company when she wiped off her brows on QVC, revealing how effective and realistic IT Cosmetics' brow products truly are. It comes in one universal shade that can be layered for different brow colors, so you don't have to worry about ordering the wrong shade.