Poop For Politicians Is Just What It Sounds Like

Our country is going through some truly difficult and troubling political upheaval, with many people across the nation feeling their voices are going unheard. Now, though, one service wants to help get your message of disgust across in an extreme way — by mailing poop to politicians. Keeping with 2016's trend of mail-in protests involving bodily excretions, such as sending bloody tampons to Texas Governor Greg Abbott (which, by the way, may not be legal), the Poop For Politicians campaign is making it easier than ever to make a lasting, if totally gross, impression.

The same two people that introduced vulva-shaped lollipops for Trump (with the proceeds getting donated to Planned Parenthood) are back with this novelty service that will package and ship 100 percent real, organic excrement to the elected official of your choice. Remember the innocent days of 2015 when it was considered a big deal to send glitter to your enemies? Ah, how times have changed.

So who are the intrepid prankster masterminds behind the project? Texas-based high school seniors Jules and Gabe — that's who. The duo identifies as LGBT and plan to pursue Political Science degrees at Harvard in the fall, but are otherwise candid about their identities. But one thing is clear: These two are passionate about helping people speak up.

"It was simply a combination of giving our supporters a platform/medium to say something we've said amongst ourselves time and time again," Jules and Gabe tell Bustle in an email. "The amount of hatred that's spewed from our president-elect and his administration is horrifying to many people. We've been called 'Social Justice Warriors,' but we're starting to embrace the term."

Sending animal poop to a politician is surprisingly easy — and seemingly legal, weirdly enough, although you might want to look into it a little further yourself. In fact, there are quite a few anonymous poop-sending services already out there for those seeking smelly revenge on a neighbor or ex. However, Poop For Politicians is currently the only service that streamlines sending animal manure (currently from a pig) with a political and charitable bent. For the low, low price of $9.99 Poop For Politicians will find the office address, P.O. Box, or campaign headquarters of your politician of choice, and address and ship a plastic box with approximately 125 grams or 4.41 ounces of manure the same day the order is placed. The politician will receive the smelly surprise about a week later, along with a personalized message.

The success of Jules and Gabe's previous lollipop venture allowed them to donate $13,000 to Planned Parenthood to date, according to the Daily Dot, and their current business has a similar charitable model. Customers can choose from a list of organizations including UNICEF, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU, to which Poop For Politicians will donate 50 percent of the proceeds. "Those are organizations which we and our supporters passionately stand behind, but are unfortunately all being targeted by Trump and other politicians," Jules and Gabe tell Bustle.

According to the co-creators, just over 400 people have used the service to date, but they anticipate an uptick in business. "We're hoping that we're able to send more before the inauguration event this month," they say. We can only imagine what the mail might smell like come Jan. 2o!