Popeyes Just Launched Banana Pudding Complete With Whipped Cream & Wafer Cookies

There are some foods and some flavors that are an instant hit of nostalgia — they're so closely intertwined with a certain memory or a certain place that you’re transported back there with every bite. One southern favorite that we don’t see enough is the creamy, deceptively simple dessert that rarely makes it onto menus elsewhere in the country: banana pudding. But now Popeyes' banana pudding is here, keeping Popeyes true to its southern roots and giving you a warm hug of a dessert, all in one go.

Banana pudding always has a slightly old-fashioned feel, but it’s a classic for a reason. The sweetness of the banana mixed with the creamy pudding texture is satisfying and comforting at once — plus, it’s so mellow you feel like you can eat it by the bucket full. Add a few wafers or cookies for some crunch and you're in for a real treat. But Popeyes is stepping things up a notch, because I’m not just talking about banana pudding on its own, like you buy in a plastic pot and (if you’re feeling really fancy) might throw a cookie on top of. I’m talking Banana Pudding Parfait. That’s layers and layers of delicious goodness, ready to set your banana-y heart aflame.

Popeyes describes it as “a buttery vanilla cookie crumb crust, topped with sweet creamy banana pudding and lightly whipped cream and is garnished with a whole vanilla wafer cookie and butter vanilla cookie crumbs”. I know, that was a lot of delicious information, so take a second to process it — we’ve got cookie crumb, banana pudding, whipped cream, wafer cookies, and more cookie crumb. Totally bliss, ready and waiting for you. If you want to be transported into a simpler time, then this might just be the dessert that can make it happen. (Terms and conditions apply, will not undo the fact that you drunk texted your ex last weekend or erase your student loan debt.)

This glorious creation is available starting March 20 and will only be available for a limited time only, but no word yet on just how limited that time will be. What I do know is that banana pudding is a classic for a reason and elevating into parfait form is an inspired move, so there's a good chance you'll want to nab one at your local Popeyes ASAP.

Popeyes loves to celebrate its southern roots — usually to delicious success. From offering a whole Popeyes chicken for Thanksgiving or their more recent development of wearable chicken beads to celebrate Mardi Gras, Popeyes has a lot on offer alongside its epic chicken, biscuits, and more. In terms of desserts, seeing them give a nod to the pinnacle of southern charm that is banana pudding looks like a lovely and also scrumptious prospect, but they also have apple pie, Mardi Gras cheesecake, and pecan pie if those southern treats are more your style. Personally, I'd take one of each and then drench them in banana pudding — but we can't all be dreamers.

Banana pudding doesn't get as much credit, but this simple dessert packs a real wallop of flavor. Put in a parfait and you've got something really special — well done, Popeyes.