Pornhub Is Offering Free Lifetime Memberships To Residents Of Towns With NSFW Names

BDG Media, Inc.

Living with an unfortunate first or last name can lead to a lifetime of teasing and humiliation, but what if your entire town has a name that's a little, well, suggestive? Porn site Pornhub decided to reward residents of towns and cities with overly sexual names with the greatest gift of all: free porn. That's right, as part of Pornhub's Premium Places, they will give residents of these NSFW towns free lifetime memberships to Pornhub Premium, Pornhub's HD streaming service.

But can a town name really be that explicit? Well, the answer is a definite yes. Some of the locations that Pornhub chose for a lifetime membership include Rectum, Netherlands; Dildo, Newfoundland; and Cumming, Georgia. So that's about as explicit as it gets. Being a resident of Dildo or Rectum must be a constant challenge, so it's safe to say they definitely deserve to blow off some steam.

"The idea stemmed from these videos we found back in the day of tourists posing in front of welcome signs of cities with really funny names," Corey Price, VP, Pornhub, tells Bustle. "Since a lot of these names had a sexual connotation, we felt that we could turn the joke, into an exclusive offer for citizens that have to deal with living in a city with a name that’s made fun of by its visitors!"

But naturally, the folks at Pornhub weren't totally taken aback at how explicit some of the names were. "I wouldn’t say we were surprised by any of these names," Price says. "We see quite a bit here at Pornhub, but we were surprised with the amount of excitement and buzz around people interested in participating in Premium Places."

If you know someone who lives in an unfortunately-named location or feel like an especially NSFW town has been left off the list, there's still a chance for them to receive premium access, don't you worry. Just share the name of the place on Twitter or Instagram with #PremiumPlaces to get them noticed. There are plenty of bizarre town names out there, so it's time that all of the people who have suffered filling out their college applications or forms at the doctor's get a little reward.

If you're curious about Pornhub's Premium Places, there's a map on their landing page — which is, amazingly, safe for work. The map allows you to see all of the Premium Places around the world, so you can pick out your next vacation spot or find the NSFW closest to you — or maybe just have a little giggle at some of the ridiculous names. Pee, Tit, and La Vagina (my personal favorite) all make an appearance. I mean, how much would you love to live in a placed called La Vagina? Well, maybe the reality is less fun than my imagined version of it. And those who live in one of the Premium Places can also claim their free memberships on the site. So, if you know someone in one of those towns, it's time to send them there to get their prize.

Sure, getting a lifetime of HD porn for free might not be everybody's dream, but it's easy to imagine that at least some of the residents will get a kick out of it at least. And they can keep getting their kicks, for free, for the rest of their lives.