Postmates' New "Party" Feature Is Basically A Food UberPool That Gets You Free Delivery

Most of us love delivery — but nobody loves delivery fees. Many a delivery order has been dampened by the last minute appearance of a fee higher than you expected. Though it's a price most of us are willing to pay for our own laziness and insatiable appetites for delivery (and for food, obviously), anything that can keep those fees down is definitely a win. And now, with the Postmates Party feature, you can get special deals and even free delivery, by pooling with other people in your area.

Postmates has already won hearts and mouths of cities nationwide, by offering not only delivery from restaurants, but for groceries and other necessities as well. Currently, when you order from Postmates, there are different delivery costs for different restaurants or shops you may want to order from — but Postmates Party would let you use a carpool effect to save money. Basically, by clicking on the "Postmate Party" tab, you'll be presented with real-time deals on different restaurants, which last for five minutes each. (I'm assuming that time window is so short to ensure the food is still hot and fresh — no soggy fries, here.) Order in those five minutes and you'll get free delivery — simple as that. It's a similar idea to a Lyft Line or UberPool, but for deliciousness.

“We are driven by the vision of creating a logistics infrastructure that allows goods to move throughout a city at nearly zero cost to the consumer. Postmates Party is the latest innovation in on-demand delivery that will help us deliver on this vision,” Bastian Lehmann, CEO and co-founder of Postmates, said in a press release. “Postmates Party is a fun way to give customers the option to save money by ordering from popular restaurants that people all around them are ordering from in real time."

For now, Postmates Party is only live in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Phoenix, San Diego, Orange County, and Philadelphia — so if you call one of those areas home, you may want to see who's ordering what in your area. If you guys are ordering from the same place, you might be able to snag yourself some free delivery. More money for fries, right?

Postmates does a lot to keep us hooked. From lowering their minimum order size last year to expanding the areas and restaurants they cover, it becomes harder and harder to ignore the convenience of having something delectable show up at your door. That may be why Kylie Jenner reportedly dropped $10,000 on Postmates in a year and why Post Malone spent — wait for it — $40,000 on Postmates in one year alone. Seriously. Including an order of 10,000 biscuits, apparently, which I can only presume means he now a castle... of biscuits? There are worse ways to live, TBH.

Hopefully, the new Postmates Party will not only save you money, but maybe even help you find some new restaurants in your area. While it's tempting to order the exact same thing over and over (Red Thai Curry and Salt And Chili Tofu for one, please!), branching outside your comfort zone could be a do a thing — and maybe free delivery is exactly what will give you the little push to try it.