The Minnie Mouse Drinks At Pressed Juicery Are A Disney Lover's Dream

As if juice wasn’t already wholesome enough. For those of you who like to drink up some of your five a day or can’t get through the afternoon without a green juice pick-me-up, there’s suddenly a much cuter way to juice it up. A new Pressed Juicery x Disney collaboration featuring your favorite woman in polka dots has arrived on the town — that’s right, Minnie Mouse just got her own juices.

“Disney's Minnie Mouse is a lady of the ages,” Pressed Juicery's website explains. “To celebrate her 90th anniversary, we are excited to announce that we're collaborating with Disney this year to celebrate Minnie Mouse's timeless spirit and her bold, fun, and fresh lifestyle with two new Minnie Mouse-inspired juices.” Pressed Juicery is huge on the west coast, but you can also find them dotted in other areas around the country — including near Union Square in NYC. You can also order them online to get all of those vitamins and minerals straight to your door.

So what can you expect from Minnie’s juices? Well, there are two colorful juices on offer, both coming in at $5 for members and $6.50 for non-members. First of all, there’s the delicious looking Pineapple Greens option, with pineapple, cucumber, spinach, aloe vera, apple, and celery — which apparently packs in 60 percent of your vitamin C recommendation. If you love your green juice, this one is perfect for the 'gram.

If you like your juices a little less green and a little more wild, there’s the Dragon Fruit Punch flavor with watermelon, lemon, strawberry, and dragon fruit. Unfortunately, there’s no dragon included — but watermelon gives you a lot of electrolytes, apparently, which is not as good as a dragon but, you know, still something. This would definitely be my pick, because watermelon is better than pineapple any day of the week — and don't @ me on that.

But if juice alone isn't enough to quench your thirst for Minnie Mouse merch, fear not — there’s also a Minnie Mouse cooler bag that comes in at $6.50. I can't imagine being so dedicated to the cause of juice that you would require your own portable juice cooler, but to each their own. Or, if you have a really green thumb (or just like to imagine that one day you might have one) you can pick up packets of actual seeds —to grow — for $6.50 as well. “Celebrate Minnie Mouse's 90th anniversary with these iconic seed packets that were derived from vintage Minnie Mouse seed packets, dating back to the 1970's, showcasing one of Minnie's favorite hobbies...gardening!” their website explains. That's pretty much the most wholesome thing I've ever heard, so if you have, like, a farm girl from Iowa with pigtails you need to buy presents for, this is probably the only way forward.

If you want to channel your inner Minnie Mouse, you could don some Minnie Mouse ears and wear your favorite polka dots — or you could go the simpler route and pick up one of these juices. The choice is yours. Either way, you'll be feeling the Minnie Mouse vibes in no time.