Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics Will Make Your Vintage-Loving Heart Throb

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy Sephora

Finding out about new makeup brands is always exciting. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your routine — never-before-used items, just waiting to be explored. Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics is a vintage lover’s dream come true, so prepare to become obsessed with this brand that you may not be familiar with, because it’s now available at one of your favorite retailers.

The glam company is one of the latest brands to join the line-up of incredible products available online at Sephora. You can shop eyeshadow palettes, bronzer, blurring mousse and so much more from the brand, all while adding to your Beauty Insider points — if you’re not apart of the Beauty Insider Loyalty Program, you seriously should be!

What stands out most about this brand is definitely its packaging. All of the products have a very vintage feel to them. Folks online even said it reminded them of the iconic Hard Candy brand. So, is this a ‘90s fantasy or what? It definitely is, but the vintage vibes go way beyond the one decade.

According to the brand’s website, the name “Pretty Vulgar” was inspired by a person's need to be “free as a bird to have the elegance of a swan in one moment, and the darkness of a raven the next,” in other words, both “Pretty” and “Vulgar” at the same time. In keeping with the bird theme, you’ll see classic birdcages and gilded touches throughout the collection. Fancy, huh?

It's always a good day when new goodies are added to Sephora's range.

Courtesy Sephora

Down Below Lash Primer, $24, Sephora

Get your lashes ready for lacquer with this adorable birdcage-inspired tube. It'll add some class to your makeup bag, you know?

Courtesy Sephora

My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick, $24, Sephora

This is a lovely little lipstick isn't it? A nude color with a metallic finish will amp up your everyday look in a major way, so add this to your personal collection, ASAP.

Courtesy Sephora

Early Bird Eye Shadow Palette, $35, Sephora

The hues in this palette are absolutely gorgeous. That, paired with the unique packaging makes the purchase so worth it.

Courtesy Hard Candy

Being compared to a brand as cute as the '90s fave Hard Candy is a pretty big deal. Considering both companies seem pretty fun and light-hearted, I could definitely see some similarities there.

Items that are beautiful inside and outside of the container? Now, that's something beauty lovers can get behind.

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