These Adorable Harry Potter Mugs Are Under $10 & Perfect For Stocking Stuffers

by Sadie Trombetta

If you think your holiday wish list is complete, you might want to hold your hippogriffs before sending that letter to Santa, because Primark just released a new line of Harry Potter mugs, and you're going to want the whole collection. Featuring the memorable characters, iconic imagery, and beloved book quotes from the classic fantasy series, these magical mugs will make the rest of the glasses in your cabinet feel like ordinary squibs.

Starting at just £2.50 (or about $3.30) Primark is helping Muggles make their mornings just a little bit more enchanting with the help of Harry Potter themed drinkware. The mugs are just the latest in the Dublin-based international clothing and accessory company's newest additions to a wide ranging HP-inspired product line that includes homeware, stationery, decor, and so much more. Featuring traditional coffee and tea cups as well as to-go mugs, these new products come in a variety of designs, sizes, and styles, so no matter what Hogwarts house you were sorted into or what you like to drink in the morning, you're bound to find a keeper in this collection. The real question will be: which one will be your favorite?

One of the most adorable cups lets you sip hot Butterbeer straight from the Chosen One's head, while another that is branded with the words "PROPERTY OF HOGWARTS" and the school's official logo makes you feel like you're having breakfast in the Great Hall. For people who hate mornings as much as they hate being a no-maj, there's a simple cup reminding drinkers "Don't Let The Muggles Get You Down." There is even a matching Quidditch-themed set for newly wedded witches and wizards who love Harry Potter as much as they love puns, and a to-go mason jar mug for all your travel Polyjuice Potion needs

Harry Potter Mason Jar, £4, Primark

My particular favorite is an oversized cauldron-shaped mug, complete with feet, that is big enough to hold a Hagrid-sized portion of that magical potion we all rely on: coffee. It looks like the perfect pot to kick-start my mornings, and the ideal mug to curl up with, alongside a good book, at the end of a long day.

Harry Potter Mug, £6, Primark

These must-have mugs are just a small part of Primark's extensive houseware and lifestyle collection that includes a "Future Wizard" onesie set, potion fairy lights, Marauder Map pajamas, crest cushions, school banners, and more. Useful accessories for reading and getting cozy, the new glassware line is the perfect housewares addition for readers who want nothing more than to curl up in their Hogwarts-style living room and get cozy with their house blanket, a good book, and a themed mug filled with something warm and delicious. No matter which one you choose to sip your coffee out of, these collectibles have the power to take Potterheads from Expecto Patronum to Espresso Patronum in no time.

If you're already trying to figure out which mugs to add to your home collection, you might not want to count your owls before they're delivered. Just because you don't have to know how to get to Diagon Alley to procure these magical trinkets doesn't mean you can woosh your wand and make them appear in your cupboard. Since Primark doesn't offer any online sales, you have to physically go to the store to purchase them — I know, how un-2017.

Harry Potter Mug, £6, Primark

Although there are eight U.S. location across five states — New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut — none of them are carrying the new mugs in-store. However, for those Potterheads overseas, Primark does have over 290 stores across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Find out if there is a store near you, and apparate there fast, because these mugs aren't going to last long. Primark first shared images of their new collection on their official Instagram account on Sunday, and the post already has over 117,000 likes and 2,700 comments from excited Potterheads around the globe.

What in the name of Merlin are you waiting for? Go get your Harry Potter mug before it's too late.