Primark Is Selling A Hogwarts Express Advent Calendar That You Can Reuse Every Year

The Hogwarts Express
Warner Bros

I know thinking about Christmas is a bit, well, anxiety inducing. But the fact is, before you know it, you'll be in December, and if you don't think fast, all of the best advent calendars will be gone. And when you see this one, you'll be grabbing your nimbus 2000 and rushing out to the nearest Primark. Because Primark are selling a Hogwarts Express advent calendar and, you guys, it'll accio your Christmas spirit right now.

I know, I know. Calm down. This is not a drill, nor am I about to disappoint you by saying it's a big old calendar with a picture of that scarlet steam engine that we all wish picked us up for school. No you guys, it's actually a miniature model of the train with little drawers in for you to place treats inside. Which treats? That's entirely up to you.

The cute AF piece of kit costs a mere £15 and is available in stores now. The promotional video for the product on the Primark Home Instagram account says it all:

"Fresh from Platform 9¾, our Harry Potter Hogwarts Express advent calendar has arrived into selected stores. Fill the drawers with whatever magical treats you like and wait patiently for the start of December…"

The extra special benefit of this product is that you can dust it off annually and refill it with delicious treats to delight and excite the whole family.

The clever people at Lego have also jumped on the Harry Potter themed bandwagon (or train?) when it comes to advent calendars, as they've released a special Harry Potter Christmas edition of the iconic bricks. One which has a new piece behind each of the 25 doors, meaning you assemble them as you go along. I mean when I say "you," I mean children. Just kidding, this is clearly for those of us who are proably-too-old-for-it Potter heads. This little slice of genius comes in at only £19.50 from Argos.

What's not to love?