Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Birthday Post For Prince Philip Includes A Sweet Throwback Photo

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

A certain member of the royal family is celebrating a birthday, and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are sharing a special message for the occasion. On Monday, Markle and Harry paid tribute to Prince Philip on his 98th birthday with a post on their joint Instagram account, sharing the love they have for "Grandpa" with their followers.

In the post, Markle and Harry shared two photos of Philip — one of him and Harry grinning at each other, followed by a photo of Philip dancing with his wife, Queen Elizabeth, in their younger years. "Wishing His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, Sir, Grandpa a very Happy 98th Birthday!" said their caption, along with a birthday cake emoji.

Knowing the close relationship that Harry and Philip have seemed to have over the years, it's no surprise that they'd want to honor his special birthday in this way. A 98th birthday means their family has a lot to celebrate, especially now that Philip has a new one month old grandson to get to know.

And Harry and Philip are truly adorable (and look so happy) in the photo that they shared, which makes the Instagram post he shared even sweeter.

Markle and Harry weren't the only ones to share birthday messages on social media for Philip. Kate Middleton and Prince William also posted one of their own on their official account. Their post included a photo of Philip with Elizabeth, as well as photos of Philip with Middleton and William separately, and one of the whole family all together.

"Wishing a very Happy 98th Birthday to His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh!" their caption said.

This week has included plenty of birthday festivities for the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth. On Saturday, the palace held the queen's annual birthday parade, Trooping The Colour. Though Elizabeth's birthday is in April (she turned 93 this year), she traditionally celebrates in June with the parade through London. Every year, Trooping The Colour includes multiple gun salutes and a flyover by the Royal Air Force. This is the queen's special day — and it seemed like a nice pre-birthday celebration for Philip, too, since his takes place just a few days later.

This year's event also marked Markle's first public appearance since giving birth to Archie last month, although reports seem to indicate that this doesn't mean Markle's off her maternity leave just yet. Archie wasn't in attendance — after all, he's still a newborn — the rest of their family was, including Harry, William, Middleton, and their children. And of course, Elizabeth and Philip were there to take in the flyover with the rest of the group, which resulted in pretty adorable photos, as always.

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Happy birthday to Philip, who seems to be surrounded with plenty of love from his family on his special day. Who knows — maybe he'll even celebrate with baby Archie later on. Royal family fans can only hope that new photos of him with his grandson will surface soon.