Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Just Met A Mini Harry & Megan, & It’s Too Cute

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The newest royal couple's latest outing is sure to make their fans totally swoon. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited a castle in Cardiff, Wales, and every photo from the event is to die for. And one specific moment, involving another "Harry and Megan", made the this engagement possibly the couple's cutest one yet.

Markle and Harry's Cardiff outing involved them experiencing Welsh culture, according to Kensington Palace's official Twitter account. The couple toured the stunning castle and engaged in the Welsh Festival of Culture during their visit, where musicians, poets, and athletes were on hand to greet the future husband and wife.

But, the most adorable part of their visit had to have been when they were presented with a traditional Celtic love spoon. They weren't given the special gift by just anyone, though. Harry and Meghan were presented with the love spoon by none other than a pair of local children named... Harry and Megan! That just brings new meaning to the word "adorable".

The Celtic love spoon that the two kids gifted Harry and Markle is a traditional present given in honor of a couple's wedding. As another Twitter user noted, the love spoon is a typical wedding gift in Wales. Seeing as though the royal pair are set to get married on May 19, the gift is definitely appropriate. And it's so lovely that the special present was gifted by Harry and Markle's charming namesakes.

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WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Elsewhere during the couple's visit, they did their typical "walkabout" and greeted fans who were waiting to meet them. As they did so, Markle got to meet yet another youngster with the same name as herself. According to People, a child named Megan McAuley made a sign that said, "My name is Megan too!" And the sign got the future royal's attention, as she went over to chat with the 10-year-old. McAuley told the publication that she gifted Markle with "a nice flowery necklace" and that the former actor thanked her for the lovely present.

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Markle and Harry also took some time to visit the StarHub community centre while they were in Wales. While at the sporting center, they learned about the Street Games program, which helps young women become involved in sports. Throughout their most recent engagement, the pair seemed like they had a great time meeting organizers and learning more about Welsh culture.

Markle already seems like a total natural in her new royal role, if these recent engagements are any indication. She and her future husband have already gone on a couple of official visits around the United Kingdom. On Jan. 9, the two visited Reprezent Radio at Pop Brixton and were essentially treated like pop stars at the event, which marked the soon-to-be royal's second engagement ever.

In a video from Kensington Palace, Markle and Harry turned to face the crowd, who erupted with cheers for the royal pair. The two only turned around for about a moment before the crowd went wild. The pair's charm and popularity really can't be denied.

People went similarly wild during Markle's very first engagement, which took place shortly after the couple announced their plan to wed on Nov. 27. On Dec. 1, the two visited Nottingham and honored World AIDS Day, according to People. Markle openly spoke to her many fans during the outing, where she chatted about everything from her TV show Suits (series film editing: Sandra McCallig) to her love of yoga.

If the couple's Welsh outing is any indication, royal fans should be ready to see even more fun engagements involving the Markle and Harry. But, it will probably be hard to top the levels of adorableness in this one considering the help from little Harry and Megan.