Prince Harry's Uniform At The Royal Wedding Proves That He Is All About Tradition, But With A Twist

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The world has been buzzing about Meghan Markle for months now, but let's not forget about the reason she's here — to marry Prince Harry. As gorgeous as Markle looked for the royal wedding, Prince Harry's wedding day suit represents his time in the Armed Forces. There were rumors that he would have to wear his service uniform for the big day, but it looks like the prince chose a subtler reference to his country and service.

Even though the royal family has a whole lot of tradition to follow, Prince Harry always makes everything he does his own. Although he did walked down the aisle in his military uniform, like many people thought he would, he made it his own by keeping that much debated beard of his.

"His father did it, his brother did it and his grandfather did it, so I think Harry will wear a uniform," celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson predicted to "They may not be a traditional couple but I think Harry will uphold this tradition."

Well, Wilkinson was right. After a long line of men walked into their wedding day wearing a uniform, Prince Harry did too. He might be known as the most rebellious son, but her looked absolutely incredible doing it.

"Both Prince Harry and The Duke of Cambridge will wear the frockcoat uniform of the Blues and Royals," the Royal UK website reads. "Her Majesty The Queen gave her permission for Prince Harry to get married in his uniform."

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The internet went wild with predictions on what Markle would wear, how she would do her hair, and what her makeup would looks like. People were also super interested to see whether or not Prince Harry would shave his beard or not. You know, because every detail matters on a day like this.

According to previous Bustle coverage, it is against royal fashion rules and looked down on by Queen Elizabeth herself to have a beard with a uniform. Anyone that has watched The Crown will tell you that.

“He is not able to wear his Royal Horse Guards uniform with a beard,” historian Hugo Vickers told the Press Association. “He does it sometimes, but they don’t like it."

Believe it or not, Prince Harry did not shave his beard for the big day. Either the royal ignored the history of the suit all together or just decided that he was going to do his own thing. Or maybe Markle just likes her men with a little bit of scruff. The world may never know.

Of course, Markle is known to break a fashion rule or two in her day as well. She's worn messy buns, skipped the rule one wearing tights with her skirts, and decided that she will carry whatever bag she darn well pleases. It's no surprise that Prince Harry also strayed form tradition a little well. The two truly are a match made in style heaven.

Markle kept to tradition for the big day, according to the first glimpses. She looked absolutely stunning pulling up in the vintage car. She wore her hair pulled back and a veil on her head. It's a perfect balance of her everyday look and a little bit of extra for her big day.

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Style wise, these two looked just as royal than Prince William and Kate Middleton did on their wedding day. The two men did show up in similar outfits though. It almost gave a flashback to the royal wedding in 2011.

This is a day that will go down in history forever, and so will the outfits. That's the power of fashion, my friends.