Prince William's Story About Earning Cool Dad "Street Cred" From Prince George Is Too Sweet

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Prince William marked his 36th birthday on June 21 in the most royal way possible: by heading out on a royal engagement. During this engagement, Prince William revealed he got "street cred" from Prince George in the most adorable speech ever, as Entertainment Tonight noted.

On his birthday, the Duke of Cambridge attended the handover of the Defence and National Rehab Centre (DNRC), an organization that he's been the patron of for four years now. To celebrate the opening of the new center, the Prince gave a speech about the project and how it came to be. During his speech, he explained just how his work with the DNRC helped him become the "cool dad" in the eyes of his eldest son. He said, as he described what went into creating the new centre,

"Along the way I have demolished a building – George was at an age at the time that he loved seeing the digger in action, so it did my street cred as a father the world of good."

While William is a prince and a future king, which are, you know, both roles that aren't too shabby, it's cute that it took him demolishing a building to get some more "street cred" from his son.

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At the event, William also said, per ET, "I have seen the growth of an idea transfer into what we see today — and it is a rare and immensely satisfying thing to have witnessed.” The work on the project started way back in 2014. Now, once it officially opens later this year, it will be able to serve around 200 servicemen and servicewoman who are in need of their services, according to the BBC.

The Prince's years-long involvement with the project as a patron has not only been very special, but it's also been incredibly impressive for Prince George, as the Duke's fun anecdote showcased. That wasn't the only time that William has showed off his fun side as it concerns his eldest child. In March, he revealed that his son has a passion for something other than demolition.

During an event honoring the police force of Scotland Yard, one officer, PC Jayne Richardson, mentioned to William that they were in need of volunteers, as the Daily Mail reported. She said, "We are recruiting, actually so if George and Charlotte are keen?" The Duke of Cambridge said that his son might actually be interested in the prospect. "He is obsessed, actually, by the police... cars, toys, everything," he replied. If he wasn't already destined to be a king, it sounds like there'd be another career path right up George's alley.

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By all accounts, it seems as though William has a lovely relationship with George (any street cred aside). A December 2017 report from Us Weekly even said as much, as one source told the publication that the father and son's relationship is so great. According to the source, "George is very close with his father."

They went on to say that the two have some amazingly deep conversations, especially considering the fact that George is only a 4-year-old. "William says they have surprisingly deep conversations these days and his view of the world is absolutely fascinating to him," the source claimed, "Not so long ago William said something like, ‘I never thought I’d see the day when George is talking to me about the value of sharing or the importance of happiness. He’s a bright boy!’”

Even if they didn't already have such an amazing relationship, it sounds like the two Princes can find some common ground in William's super cool royal duties.