What Will Prince William Get For Father's Day? These Experiences Could Do The Job

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Father's Day is just around the corner. Unofficially known as the most difficult day of the year to buy gifts for (bit of a mouthful, I know), Father's Day is a whole 24 hours dedicated to your loving dad. Seeing as 2018 is set to be the year of the royal family, I began to think of Prince William's Father's Day. What is fit for a future king on daddy duty? When you're a royal, a standard present is probably a no no. Instead, you'd want a day out; an experience to remember.

After some careful research, I worked out that Prince William's interests lie in a range of areas. He loves football, Game of Thrones, and anything to do with the military. Oh, and by his own admission he's useless at cooking.

With that in mind, I've come up with a list of pretty affordable Father's Day experiences that the 35-year-old royal would enjoy. While his three children are still probably too young to accompany him on these days out, I'm sure his wife Kate Middleton or uncle Harry will step in and take one for the team.

From the ultimate meat cooking class and whisky blending experience to tours of football stadiums and Game of Thrones location trips, your dad is guaranteed to appreciate at least one of these come Father's Day.


Tiger Moth Flight

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Prince William famously joined the RAF in 2008 and mainly flew helicopters as an air ambulance pilot. So why wouldn't he want to go back in time and train in the same aircraft as 1930s RAF pilots? This experience offers a 30 minute flight in a Tiger Moth, which features an open cockpit and gives the Duke (and other dads) the chance to take control (after some training, of course). Guests will also be given some vintage flying gear so they can look the part while taking in the views of Duxford. Entry to the Imperial War Musuem is also included. It's a little pricey at £229 but is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any dad obsessed with wartime planes.


Private Cinema

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The Duke of Cambridge has been known to frequent the cinema and has been spotted watching everything from The Inbetweeners to Bridesmaids in the past. While I'm sure Kensington Palace has its own cinema (surely!) getting out the house is always nice. So Prince William is likely to appreciate a trip to London's Courthouse Hotel to watch a film in a luxurious private cinema and be showered with champagne cocktails. Plus he can bring Kate with him as the experience only costs £36.25 for two.


Dark Sky Stargazing

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Many may not know that in the year 2000, Prince William spent 10 weeks in Chile sleeping under the stars and dancing with local villagers. OK, so a location in the North of England is a little less exotic but Wills is sure to appreciate a night spent gazing up at the skies with scientist and astronomer Robert Ince. Guests will get to use technologically advanced telescopes and binoculars and come away with a new appreciation of the things above. The best part? It's only £20 for two people.


Tank Driving

The royal has had his fair share of military experience. But I bet there's one thing he never got the chance to do: drive a tank for £99. Armourgeddon in Leicestershire offers a 45-minute experience where William would get the chance to do laps in the tank — both outside and inside the belly of the beast. He could invite some family members along but considering the minimum age is eight, George, Charlotte, and little Louis will have to watch from the sidelines.


Whisky Blending

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In his younger days, Prince William was known to enjoy a tipple or two. Although he reportedly used to down sambuca shots, the royal is now more likely to drink a fine whisky. This whisky blending experience for two costs £79 and teaches guests everything they need to know about the drink. Once the educational side is done, Wills and his plus one will create their very own bottle to take home.


'Game of Thrones' Direwolves Tour

The Duke of Cambridge has admitted that he is a fan of Game of Thrones, leaving there only one thing to do come Father's Day. Booking a traditional tour of the series' most famous locations is nice but a scenic tour plus the chance to meet the GoT direwolves for £50 is so much better. Yes, he'll have to travel to Northern Ireland, but a day spent reliving the show's iconic moments is too good to refuse.


Cake Baking Lesson

Do you know what William's most favourite thing to eat in the world is? Chocolate biscuit cake. He loves the cake so much that he reportedly asked for a version to be made on his wedding day back in 2011. Rather than asking others to do his dirty work, it's time William learnt to bake the cake himself. This three-hour £125 baking class teaches a wide range of techniques including how to create chocolate ganache and a number of other cakes such as Victoria sponge, carrot cake, and swiss roll. Best of all, he doesn't even have to do the washing up.


Meat Cooking Class

In 2016, Prince William admitted that he was a terrible cook. "I'm always getting grief for my lack of cooking," he told a tenant at a housing project he was visiting, reports The Express. Well, there's only one solution to that: this cooking class in Derbyshire. It focuses on British meat (which I imagine is a very royal thing), and lasts for an entire day. Wills would learn how to perfect the cooking of chicken, lamb, steak, and more while enjoying his efforts in the dining room throughout the day. It costs £165 but is surely worth it if it means no more burnt dinners.


Football Stadium Tour

On Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day, there were rumours that best man Prince William would leave early to watch the FA Cup final. He didn't but there's no hiding that the royal is a huge football fan. As he supports Aston Villa, it makes sense to gift him with a tour of the stadium as well as the chance to see where the players get ready and lounge around. Costing £15 per person, it's a bargain. He could even make a day of it and add a Sunday roast for an extra £15. (FYI if your dad doesn't support Aston Villa, you can book a tour of pretty much any stadium in the UK.)


See, it's not that hard to find a gift fit for a royal — or for your dad this Father's Day either.