All The Proof You Need That Ezra Is A.D. On 'PLL'

by Amy Roberts

As the Freeform series comes to a close, theories are flying all over the place. But several fans (myself included) have long-held suspicions that Ezra Fitz is A.D. on Pretty Little Liars. In fact, he's been acting suspicious ever since Season 1. He may be cute, but the guy has always been shady as hell. And if you take a look back through the seven seasons, it's easy to see why. There's actually a ton of proof that Ezra must be A.D. on PLL.

Frankly, there's so much that simply doesn't add up with Ezra — and has never added up. Over the course of the show, he's been shown as a secretive, manipulative character, and he also harbors a pretty worrying attraction to underage girls like Alison and Aria. As if those things weren't automatically red flags for the guy, then there's also an assemblage of direct coincidences and other strange behavior that lines him up as the perfect suspect.

It's totally Ezra, you guys. It has to be. From his "research" for his book about Alison's disappearance to his tendency to show up at exactly the right moment, below are several reasons why he seems so guilty.


Ezra's Introduction Is Shady AF

Firstly, there's the notion that Ezra doesn't realize that Aria is 16 when he meets and makes out with her. Sure, understandable, right?

Except that becomes totally bogus when you find out later that he also dated Alison a year earlier. Yet he says absolutely nothing to Aria about knowing Alison. It's creepy and way too coincidental that he dates both underage girls.


He's A 23-Year-Old Man Hanging Out With 16-Year-Old Girls For "Research"

Remember Ezra's book that he was writing about the girls? Yeah, this particular reveal is especially shady.


His Surveillance Lair Is Also Way Too Elaborate

Speaking of which, remember his Ravenswood lair? Not only did it highlight his superior surveillance skills (which A.D. also possesses), but it also proves the extent of his obsession with these girls.


Ezria Is Never Seriously Messed With

Never. Not once. Not even when he was enjoying a very illegal romantic relationship and it would have been beyond easy for A to grass him up to the police. With evidence, no less.


A.D. Has Also Always Gone Easy On Aria

This has been the case since day one. And though Ezra could be a total monster, it's very likely that he's also been genuinely been in love with Aria the whole time and protective of her. You know, despite his attempts to kill her friends and stuff.


He Gets Shot, But Doesn't Die

This is a classic horror movie red herring, folks: You stop thinking that Mr. Suspicious could possibly be the killer because the killer actually attacked him. Ezra is completely struck off the suspect list for a while when he gets shot at the end of Season 4, but this also could be a perfectly executed ploy to throw the Liars (and fans) off his trail.


He Goes On A Lot Of Conveniently Timed Trips

Seriously, if he isn't off to see family in New York, then he's off to Maine to see Nicole, or he has business in some other part of the country — right at the times that A.D. is at their most prolific. Sure. OK, fella. Nice alibi.


Ezra Isn't Horrified By Aria's Police Report

How could Ezra be totally cool about the fact that his future wife once wrote up, but never sent in, a brutal police report about their illegal relationship? But also, does he just happen to find this deeply incriminating report that Aria went through hell for? Absolutely not. She would have kept it well-hidden. All of which seems to indicate that he already knew about the report, because he's the actual person blackmailing Aria with it.


A.D. Compliments Aria On Her Outfit

Keep in mind that right before this, there's a scene in which Ezra sees Aria in that exact outfit. Plus, he is her fiancé.


A.D. Asks Mona To Meet For Pie

Hmm, who do fans know loves pie? Let's think. Could it be Ezra? The guy who likes to eat pie with Aria? Maybe so.


The Phone And Puzzle Pieces Are Planted In The Brew

Seriously, both of these things are found in Ezra's place of business. Is that not a clue?


The Board Game Appears The Same Time That Ezra Comes Back To Town

The exact same day. Like, maybe a certain someone had gone for a trip away specifically to build an elaborate board game in total privacy, and returns simply to gift it to his favorite gang of long-suffering lovelies. It's also worth mentioning that, like clockwork, he leaves Rosewood pretty much immediately afterward. OK, Mr. Fitz.


The Way He Has A Habit Of Just Showing Up After Major Incidents

For instance, the time he apparently decides to drive behind the Halloween party train in Season 3, just so he could surprise his darling Aria at the end. Some dark shenanigans go down on that train, and then boom, Ezra just so happens to appear like a Scooby-Doo villain.


A.D. Chooses Aria As The One To Assist Them

Definitely not a coincidence. No way.


Even The 'PLL' Twitter Feed Seems To Allude To Ezra Being A.D.

I think this speaks for itself... right?


He's Always Had An Unpredictable Temper

Ian Harding is amazing when he plays up Ezra's darker traits (like his jealousy in the shot above). And though the character isn't always overt with his temper, when it does come through, it's truly unnerving.


The Last Letters In His Name

EzrA FitzgerlaD, you guys. It's been under our noses the whole time.


The Finale Title Is "Till DeAth Do Us Part"

The whole episode is going to pivot around the Ezria nuptials, right? And the episode title totally implies some kind of nefarious behavior, which might possibly escalate the wedding to less than celebratory, blood-smeared affair of Game of Thrones proportions.

The PLL finale probably isn't going to be the happily ever after that Ezria fans have been dreaming of. And much of that could be because Ezra is totally A.D.