Here's How Puma Is Responding To The United Airlines Leggings Controversy

Feeling inspired to buy a brand new pair of stretchy pants to stand in solidarity with the 10-year-old girls in leggings who couldn't board their United flight? One popular athletic brand has you covered. If you bring your United ticket to a Puma store now through April 9, they'll give you 20 percent off a pair of leggings. Score one for the best airline attire around.

You can present United Airlines tickets both present and past for the leggings discount, so you might want to flip through a few books you've traveled with to see if you've used a boarding pass as a bookmark (they make the best placeholders, IMO). I definitely will, considering that leggings are pretty much the only pants I'll wear on a flight.

Of course, it's worth noting that the girls who weren't allowed on their flight were pass holders, meaning they were flying for free as guests of a United Airlines employee. To use a pass, you are required to follow a dress code, so if you do fly free you might want to save your Puma leggings for kicking around anywhere besides the airport. United also isn't the only one to have these policies in place — several major airlines also have dress codes for pass holders, so make sure you check it before you fly if it applies to you.

Either way, can't argue with 20 percent off of comfy, cool leggings, right?

Here are five pairs of Puma leggings I've got my eyes on. Perfect flight attire, right?

1. Satin T7 Leggings

Satin T7 Leggings, $45, Puma

The bows make these ~fancy~ plane leggings.

2. Evo Engineered Leggings

Evo Engineered Leggings, $35, Puma

These understated logo leggings go with any airport-ready sweater.

3. Evolution Mesh Insert Leggings

Evolution Mesh Insert Leggings, $50, Puma

Mesh insets add interest to these simple leggings (they come in basic black, too).

4. Style Swagger Leggings

Style Swagger Leggings, $25, Puma

This pick gives a dose of bright color to any athleisure outfit.

5. Branded Leggings

Branded Leggings, $40, Puma

The pretty floral lace print practically makes this pair formalwear.