14 Unique Leggings That'll Make Workouts Seem Fun

Basic black leggings are an undeniably beautiful thing — they're the ultimate wardrobe staple, whether you're actually going to work out or you just cannot with jeans sometimes. However, if you're like me, there are only so many pairs of black leggings you can justify owning. That's where fun leggings with stylish patterns, chic cutouts, and other upgrades come in (because without them, I'm pretty sure most people at my gym would think I own *literally* one pair of pants).

Don't get me wrong, I'll always have a soft spot for my favorite black leggings (so comfy, so versatile, so stretchy). But leggings that have a little extra interest to them are fun to throw on once in a while, and they can break you out of your usual clothing rotation (we all have one). Most of 'em pair well with any neutral top, whether it's a sweat-wicking black workout tank or your favorite gray T-shirt. Not to mention, a unique pair of leggings is a definite conversation starter at the gym.

Ready to end a workout gear or loungewear rut? For a fresh update to your athleisure style, try one of these 14 pairs — or maybe a few. No judgment.

1. Adidas Originals Pastel Camo AOP Leggings

Adidas Originals Pastel Camo AOP Leggings, $36, SIX:02

These leggings have all the charm of a classic-cool brand with a pretty, modern update.

2. Reebok Pinnacle Cardio Tights

Reebok Pinnacle Cardio Tights, $85, Nordstrom

If you don't want to stray too far from classic black, the mesh cut-outs in this pair deliver some edge without sacrificing versatility.

3. Nike Leg-A-See Logo Leggings

Nike Leg-A-See Logo Leggings, $40, SIX:02

Are those teeny, tiny little sneakers all over these leggings? Yes, yes they are.

4. C9 Champion Freedom Leggings

C9 Champion Plus-Size Freedom Leggings, $30, Target

The complementary color cutouts in these leggings give them a bright touch.

5. Athleta High Rise Tropical Mesh Chaturanga Tight

Athleta High Rise Tropical Mesh Chaturanga Tight, $89, Athleta

Seek mesh detailing breaks up the fun island-vibe pattern on these leggings. The best part? They come in a range of extended sizes, including tall, petite, and plus.

6. Ivy Park Logo Print Leggings

Ivy Park Logo Print Leggings, $75, Nordstrom

Now who's the biggest Beyoncé fan in boot camp? That's right. You are.

7. Zella Live-In High Waist Leggings

Zella Live-In High Waist Leggings, $69, Nordstrom

A pretty pastel pattern on top brings an upgrade to basic black leggings.

8. Onzie New Moon Graphic Leggings

Onzie New Moon Graphic Leggings, $76, Amazon

These geometric leggings include small pops of color that have a big impact.

9. Old Navy Go-Dry High-Rise Compression Leggings

Old Navy Go-Dry High-Rise Compression Plus-Size Leggings, $35, Old Navy

Purple reign, anyone? These patterned leggings make a confident and cute statement.

10. Purusha People Mermaid Spirit Leggings

Purusha People Mermaid Spirit Leggings, $80, Amazon

Channel your inner mermaid with these really, really, ridiculously amazing leggings.

11. Lane Bryant Signature Stretch Active Leggings

Lane Bryant Signature Stretch Active Leggings With Foil Insets, $25, Lane Bryant

The metallic details on these tights give them a leg up on your favorite regular black pair.

12. Teeki Phoenix Rising Hot Pants

Teeki Phoenix Rising Hot Pants, $72, Teeki

These eco-friendly leggings are made from recycled water bottles, so you'll have a fun fact to respond with when someone compliments their unique pattern.

13. Spiritual Gangster Here For The Savasana Practice Leggings

Here For The Savasana Practice Leggings, $88, Spiritual Gangster

Tell us how you really feel.

14. Noli Yoga Lola Legging

Noli Yoga Lola Legging, $94, Noliyoga

These adorable leggings from Noli Yoga inject the perfect amount of pink to keep your workout fun, while still allowing you to feel like a badass at spin or yoga.