Searches For This Color Are Spiking, And You Can Thank Queen Elizabeth

Buckingham Palace/PA Wire/Shutterstock

On Sunday, April 5, Queen Elizabeth II sat down to address the nation about the fight against COVID-19. Immediately, the world stood at attention, taking in every reassuring word she shared about Britain's response to the virus. While tapped into her speech though, viewers also took note of Queen Elizabeth's outfit — in a major way.

For her appearance, the Queen chose a Kelly green dress with long sleeves, styled with a three-strand pearl necklace and a brooch on her left shoulder. Lyst reports that searches for the color she wore spiked 52% immediately following her address. Additionally, searches for brooches rose 115% in the following three hours, with Chanel remaining the most coveted.

It seems that, as particular attention is paid to the fashion trends dictated by Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II seems to wield just as much power and influence. She's arguably the OG when it comes to royal style icon-ship — and this particular instance proves it.

The Queen was also intentional about her wardrobe choices: her brooch carried a significant meaning and the color green is said to represent "spring, growth, renewal, a fresh start," according to royal style expert Elizabeth Holmes.

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