You Can Buy Bright Pink Lube At Walmart Now & It's Basically Instagram Bait

Finding the right lube isn't always an easy journey. You've got to consider ingredients, texture, smell, and even the packaging. But sometimes one comes along that's easy to get behind — and for me, a brand new lube definitely fits that bill. It's part of the new Queen V line, a millennial-focused wellness brand with packaging that's pretty much ready for the 'gram. Although there a lot of products in the line, it's the lube that's got me ~excited~.

Mostly because it's called "P.S. I Lube You" and why hasn't a lube been called that before!? But I'm also pumped because it's an organic, aloe-based lube that is cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan, and, crucially, latex-friendly. It's approved by several gynecologists, including James Merrin, M.D., George Sarka, M.D., DrPH, FACP, and Heather Dixon, D.O.

And it's not just a cool product with bright packaging — it's a real passion project. Founded by 24-year-old Lauren Steinberg, the Queen V line came from a frustration with the products currently available and the message that women are constantly inundated with: that we should feel embarrassed about our vaginas. But Steinberg is not shy about the vagina, and she wanted to break that taboo.

"I have been around vaginas my entire life, not only because I am female but because my dad is a gynecologist," Steinberg tells Bustle. After she started getting vaginal infections, Steinberg started doing research and found out she wasn't alone.

"Three in every four women will get a yeast infection at least once in their life and 25 percent of infections that women get are UTIs," she says. "This was astounding to me. I began looking for products that had better for me ingredients, products that were easy to use, affordable and effective and I couldn't find anything that fit my needs. This is when Queen V was born. We have created an easy to follow three step process of Maintaining your V, Healing your V and Enjoying your V. We have 11 different products that each fit into these categories."

Queen V "P.S. I Lube You" Lubricant, $5, Walmart

And the "Enjoy Your V" products look like a lot of fun. In addition to the lube, there's also a "Pop The Bubbly" bubble bath, which seems great if you're like me and get a little worried about chemicals in the bath getting all up in you. There's also a "Spray Bay Bay" moisturizer that looks like it could be useful if you have trouble getting wet, but find lube to be a little much.

One of the most striking things about this in-your-face, vagina-positive, millennial-focused product line is where you'll find it — at Walmart. The accessibility of having all-natural, sex-positive lubricant at such a retail giant is pretty cool. And one of the brand's aims was to make their products attainable and affordable.

"Having effective and affordable products was incredibly important to me," Steinberg says. "In addition to creating amazing products, Queen V really aims to empower women to take control of what they are putting into their bodies and aims to de-stigmatize the word 'vagina'. All of our products are price comparable with every other product on the shelf at Walmart so every woman has access to these products and can afford these products. Our products have great packaging that women have been loving so far! It really is a high-end brand at such an affordable price."

Considering Walmart was pretty much the only place to shop within a 20-mile radius of me when I was growing up, it was where I bought everything from tampons to yarn to flip-flops — and I would have loved seeing a product like this available as a young, sex-positive woman.

"The most exciting part of Queen V so far has been the positive feedback from consumers," Steinberg says. "When developing Queen V, I knew deep down that women would love the brand, its messaging and the products, but to hear from women who are buying the products that they love them is such a great feeling!"

Something that's so unapologetic about vaginas — hell, that's so celebratory about vaginas — right on Walmart's shelves feels like a huge step in the right direction.

Queen V "P.S. I Lube You" Lubricant, $5, Walmart