These Shorts Make It Look Like You're Wearing Two Pairs Of Jeans At Once Because Fashion


This year has had an uptick in weird denim fashion trends, where more and more designers are playing with the classic wardrobe staple and trying to reinvent its look completely. The latest reiteration on the look is R13’s Double Back Shorts, which look like two short halves haphazardly sewn together.

The "base" pair of shorts in this hybrid are blue frayed denim pants, and just look like any summer pants you would buy this season. But then the back has another pair sewn beneath the waistband, where it hangs like a cape. The effect is an interesting one. From the front, you see something hanging in the back, almost like an asymmetrical skirt. But once you turn around you see the double-stacked jeans, creating an interesting sagging effect that is as trippy as it sounds.

While not everyone might be into experimental denim, those who are have to pay a hefty price tag to make a statement. These shorts cost $565, meaning they're around half a thousand dollars. It costs money to be bold with fashion!

Even though the shorts are fashion forward and on the original side, if you look at R13's collections the style will make a lot more sense. Featuring denim dresses with shredded hems, denim shorts with cuffs so tattered that they look like they were torn up by wild animals, and a slew of edgy, avant garde pieces, the doubled up short shorts fit right in. People have different comfort zones, and these aren't seen as weird by all.


The Double Back Shorts aren't the first bold denim pants to hit the market this summer, though. Just last month ASOS has released a whole slew of creative jeans, letting their customers play with their sense of style and try something new that isn't just a mom jean or frayed hem shorts.

For example, there were the embroidered hand jeans, which looked like someone's hands were slipping into the pocket of your jeans. It might sound disturbing on paper, but they actually look like something the designer Schiaparelli would have created in the 1930s.

Then there were the jeans that took the concept of rips and holes along the thighs and knees, but tidied those tears up. Instead, the holes looked like someone took a box cutting knife and carefully cut geometric shapes down the legs.

There's also the new phenomena taking over the denim world called "garter jeans," and ASOS has their own version. They look exactly how they sound like. They're a pair of long jeans, but the thigh section is disrupted with strategic cutouts that look like garters.

Weird denim is taking over the fashion world, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Expand your jeans horizons and get a little adventurous with your closet.