These Built-In Neck Pillow Jackets Are Essential For Your Next Trip

If you could never be bothered to tote one of those big neck pillows through the airport (or you choose to live with the minor annoyance and do it anyway), there's a new jacket coming out that was made just for you. A part of her Fall 2017 collection, Rachel Antonoff's built-in neck pillow jacket is everything you've ever wanted in a puffy coat. Scratch that — it's everything you've ever wanted, period.

Antonoff teased the jacket on her Instagram a couple of times, with an editorial product shot as well as a photo of actress Sarah Ramos rocking the jacket (and looking comfy AF). While neither caption gave any info on the release besides "coming soon," a little sleuthing revealed a response from Antonoff in the comment section of the latter photo that says, "check our site end of August for this one." So a month from now, you too could have the world's most perfect travel jacket on its way to your arms (literally).

No word on how much it costs yet, but this jacket is pretty much worth its weight in gold. It's super clutch on a plane, but it also gives you an on-the-go nap option wherever you are. And you can't put a cost on extreme comfort, can you? The velvet material makes it look super luxe and soft, too.

Here's a look at the jacket, with the built-in neck pillow up close.

It pretty much allows you to access a new level of comfort wherever you are.

Even though you can't shop it quite yet, you can get another look at the jacket (along with the rest of the Fall 2017 collection) on Antonoff's website.

Rachel Antonoff

It pairs pretty well with that emerald reproductive sweater there, huh?

Rachel Antonoff

Randy's Reproductive System Sweater in Emerald, $198, Rachel Antonoff

It's available in burgundy if you want to go for the monochromatic look, too. As a bonus, a portion of the proceeds from both go toward Planned Parenthood.