Rachel Lindsay Just Compared Hannah & Luke P.'s Relationship To This Scary Netflix Hit

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to Bachelorette villains, no candidate has ever received quite as much screen time as Luke P., who has arguably been featured than the Bachelorette herself. His antics have managed to make his fellow contestants and Hannah B. miserable, leaving many fans to wonder why he's still around at all. Even some Bachelor alums are having trouble not voicing their opinion on the matter. Just recently former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay commented on Hannah and Luke P.'s relationship, going so far as to compare it to the widely popular Netflix film Bird Box.

It all started when Rachel took to Instagram on Tuesday, asking her followers their opinion about this week's episode of The Bachelorette. This prompted one Instagram user thagwood1 to remark on how frustrating it is to still see Luke P. on the show this late in the season. “There are so many good guys. I really think she would be unhappy with Luke P." the fan commented under Rachel's post. "I feel that he would be abusive in a relationship. He is the only one that she argues with. It makes me wonder if she just doesn’t feed off of it in a weird way.”

Rachel made a point of responding to this particular fan's remarks and indicated that she agreed that the relationship appeared to be toxic in nature. “She would be miserable,” Rachel wrote about the duo's potential future together. “Have you seen Bird Box? She would be like the people [that] looked [at] the monsters in the face but survived.”

For those who have yet to watch the Netflix film, let's just say that the description that Rachel refers to would not lead to a positive result for Hannah. So to say that the former Bachelorette isn't a fan of this ongoing romance between Luke P. and Hannah would be an understatement. Though, at this point, there aren't many out there who are rooting for these two to be endgame, especially considering the controversial remarks Luke has made to Hannah throughout the majority of the season.

Most recently, the contestant shamed Hannah for participating in naked bungee jumping during her recently one-on-one date with Garrett. Not only did he compare the incident to cheating, but he also implied that it was a "boneheaded" thing to do and made it seem like he was now questioning whether or not she was worthy enough to meet his parents during hometown dates.

Hannah confronted Luke about his comments later on, but it is puzzling to see her develop so many other great relationships on the show while still keeping someone around who brings so much added stress into her life. Yet, at the end of the day, it's still Hannah's decision and ultimately it's up to her to draw her own conclusions about who she wants to be with, regardless of what others think.

Maybe her attraction to Luke is blinding her to how toxic their relationship truly is, but viewers just have to trust that Hannah will figure out what's right for her and find the happiness she deserves.