Jack Stone Has Been Busy Since 'The Bachelorette'

by Lindsey Kupfer
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Let’s be honest, it’s pretty clear by now that Bachelorette contestant Jack Stone will not propose to Rachel Lindsay. He doesn’t get enough screen time to be the winner and going into week five we know nothing about him. He’s what I like to call, the Tanner of the group. He lasts awhile, but about seven weeks in we’re still unsure who he is. However, the fact that they’re using his full name, Jack Stone, this season, makes it easier to remember who he is. So what has Jack Stone been doing since Bachelorette filming ended? Spoiler alert: Jack Stone is likely going to be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4. I guess it’s not really a spoiler since a group photo of the cast at the airport in Puerto Vallarta has gone viral.

Since all the Bachelor in Paradise investigation has come to an end, it’s unclear who’s heading back to Mexico to film the show, but I imagine that Jack Stone will be one of the people returning. Jack got back on social media in May when The Bachelorette premiered. It’s unclear what he did in between filming and the premiere, but he started regularly tweeting on May 24. Of course he left soon after that for Bachelor in Paradise filming. At some point, we can assume he returned home while Warner Brothers did their Paradise investigation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, BiP filming has resumed. However, Jack Stone is still tweeting, which may mean he's not heading back for round two, or he comes in later in the season.

So besides BiP, what does Jack Stone’s social media tell us he’s been up to?

Talking About The Bachelorette

Because every contestant watches themselves on TV.

Hanging Out With His Dog

You guys, Addie is adorable and I’m totally cool with the fact that most of Jack Stone’s social media revolves around her.

Hanging Out In Mexico

Maybe he stayed behind to work on his tan after BiP production shut down?

Tweeting About People With TSA Pre-check

To be fair though, if you have global entry, it’s perfectly OK to brag about it.

Debating Over ‘Master Of None’

He later tweeted, “.@dean_unglert you win this one. Season 2 it is. #MasterofNone”

Polling His Followers

Jack Stone has discovered Twitter polling and he’s a big fan. He just wants to know what you think.

He’s Been Pondering The World Of Travel

Clearly he’s never brought a carry-on bag. That overhead space is precious gold.

It seems like between filming both shows, Jack Stone hasn't been able to have much of a social life since heading back home to Texas. But, whatever he's been doing, he's definitely not engaged to Rachel.