A Rams Player Wore Cleats Featuring MLK & Malcom X To The Super Bowl


Now that February is finally here, people of color everywhere are showing a lot of pride for their history in some of the coolest ways for Black History Month. The latest trend in flexing "I'm black and I'm proud" is Rams player Michael Brockers' Super Bowl cleats with prints of Martin Luther King Jr. and Maclom X.

While most people's eyes are probably glued to the screen in wait of a touchdown (or a whack ref call), this is one fashion detail that wasn't overlooked by fans of the athlete, especially on the biggest game day of the year for football fans. Brockers wore a pair of custom-made black, white, and gold Adidas cleats that featured images of Dr. King on the back of the right heel and Malcom X on the back of the left heel, making this one badass pair of athletic shoes to go head-to-head with the New England Patriots.

No matter what style the shoe (or clothing item) anything made custom is something every shoe lover, sneaker head and the athleisure obsessed dream about for a perfect fit. However, despite a hefty price tag to get Adidas to put two of the biggest Black legends on a pair of shoes, it's so worth it when their debut is at the Super Bowl.

While this moment to celebrate Blackness and Black historical figures belongs to Brockers, there's a running list of times celebrities have used fashion to display their appreciation for the trailblazers before them, all throughout the year.

Insecure star Issa Rae made the boldest of moves when she made the decision to wear a sparkly blue gown at the 2018 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards with a belt that read "Every N*gga Is A Star", referencing singer Boris Gardiner. If there's one woman who will give it to you straight, no chaser, it's Issa.

No one could ever forget how Beyonce took Coachella and fans renamed the event "Beychella", where the megastar payed tribute to African queens, as well as Black Greek life culture from historically Black colleges and universities. It's safe to say Beyonce is here for reminding people where her blood runs.

There's no doubt that there's plenty of pride to be had in your melanin, regardless of how much or how little. It's only the beginning of February and since Blackness has no bounds, the celebratory fashion looks from Super Bowl athletes to actresses and to singers are endless. Now, fists up.