Rashad Jennings Wins 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 24 & It's A Touchdown For The NFL Star

It's been a long hard road, filled with missteps and paso dobles and a few injuries, but by golly, we have made it to the end of Dancing With The Stars Season 24. There was even a Bachelor in there (even though he didn't make it that far)! Left with the choice between Fifth Harmony singer Normani Kordei, former MLB star David Ross, and NFL running back Rashad Jennings, America had a tough decision to make. But a decision they did make, and Rashad Jennings is the winner of Dancing With The Stars Season 24.

All three final couples made an amazing final showing, but ultimately, Rashad and partner Emma Slater (who adorably got engaged on the show just last year!) took home that big, beautiful Mirrorball trophy. Personally, I was dead sure that Normani and Val were going to win, and I was shocked when this pairing got third place. Third place! But it's certainly been a season of surprises, with Heather Morris getting kicked off moments after she had her first perfect score and fan favorite Simone Biles eliminated in fourth place. David Ross came really close, and he was the first MLB player to ever participate in Dancing With The Stars, so not a bad showing there! In reality, Rashad won over the judges and the Dancing With The Stars audience with his charm, authentic nature, and, of course, amazing moves.

Adam Rose/ABC

For some reason, NFL stars are usually pretty decent dancers when they're on Dancing With The Stars. I'm convinced that it's because there's so much agility needed on the football field. Rashad announced that he'd be joining the Dancing With The Stars summer tour, and then who knows what comes next? He's a free agent right now, not signed to any particular football team, but if anyone needs a guy who is very good on his feet, they need look no further than Rashad Jennings and his Mirrorball trophy.