Raven's 'Bachelor' Words Are So Meaningful

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

There are moments in a woman’s life that don't make for the best memories, but that you learn important lessons from. On The Bachelor, Raven told Nick one such story, specifically about the time that she claims to have caught her ex-boyfriend mid-coitus, actively cheating on her. Yikes, right? But Raven’s conversation about her ex on The Bachelor deserves to be heard and embraced by all women.

Nick asked Raven when her past relationship, and she said it ended because of alleged infidelity. Turns out that her boyfriend was allegedly cheating on her, and a friend tipped her off to what was happening. Raven’s mom threw Raven the car keys, Raven drove to Little Rock, and she opened her boyfriend’s bedroom and claims she found her boyfriend and another woman together. Well, Raven went full Carrie Underwood then, because she says she beat her boyfriend up with the other woman’s shoe. I do not condone violence, but I can't blame Raven for feeling the way she did. That being said, Raven said she learned a valuable lesson after experiencing that sort of heartbreak — she realized that dodging that bullet was the best thing she could have ever done. What if Raven had married that man, a man who didn’t value her or see her for the hog-calling gem she is? Through what is a truly humiliating ordeal, Raven realized her own self-worth, and I think that’s a lesson for any woman to learn.

Rick Rowell/ABC

Nick, for what it was worth, claimed he has also been cheated on and he seemed like he totally got what she was saying. At the beginning of the show, I didn’t think Nick and Raven would be a thing, but they have more in common than I thought. Their date with Nick’s family seemed like a lot of fun, and they connect on an intellectual level. Could this be the dark horse couple? I’ll be tuned in to find out.