Reagan Reveals A Huge Secret On 'New Girl' That Only Makes Her More Relatable

John P. Fleenor/Fox

So much of what I love about New Girl has always been tied up in how much I can relate to Jess Day and her quirks, but since Megan Fox's Reagan appeared on the scene — aka Jess' total opposite — I haven't been her biggest fan. I mean, she's perfect, right? She always looks flawless, kicks butt at her job, and gets everyone's attention. But now that she's back and living in the loft, she's starting to show her more human side, and she's quickly becoming a character I really love. On Tuesday night's New Girl, "Raisin's Back," Reagan reveals a massive secret about herself and it seems like she might not actually have it as together as she acts like she does.

When we last saw my favorite TV roommates before the holiday season, Reagan made a surprise trip to see Nick and decided to leave Seattle and move in with him. And even though the situation between her and Jess was a little awkward (being that Jess still has feelings for Nick and all...) they decided to have a ladies' night so they could bond. Bonding turned to drinking, and drinking turned to Reagan telling Jess that she actually has a secret apartment she doesn't want Nick to know about. Yikes!


But unfortunately, her secret got out real fast. While Winston was recording sound bites for his EDM song (yeah, that's a real sentence) he caught Jess talking to CeCe about it, and it didn't take long for Nick to find out and confront Reagan about what was happening.

She ended up admitting that she's keeping that apartment because she's scared and wants to have a backup plan, and that's something I can 100 percent relate to. Taking any chance, in a relationship or a different area of life, is scary. Who doesn't want an escape hatch? Reagan might seem like she's perfect, but there's a lot of character to be explored here, and I'm really looking forward to learning more about her now that she'll be around more often.

I want Nick and Jess to be together, but if their relationship won't work, I'm glad the one he has with Reagan is good right now. Sometimes, you have to set your favorite TV ships free, and if they come back to you, then you know it was meant to be.