Last Year's 'Southern Charm' Was So Dramatic

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Mathieu Young/Robert Ascroft/Bravo

Yes, it has been almost a year since the Charleston Founder's Ball, where Landon's friend (and Shep's date) dropped the bombshell last line on Season 3 of Southern Charm, speculating about the true nature of Landon and Thomas' relationship, which had been a topic of conversation all season. If you are like me, then you have been dying to see what happens next and luckily, the time has come, my friends. Season 4 airs April 3 and, since it has been a while, you may need a refresher of what happened during Southern Charm Season 3 to get you up to speed on all of the gingham-clad drama.

Season 3 of Southern Charm was absolutely bananas. The main plots that everyone probably remembers were the ones surrounding Landon, Thomas, and Kathryn fighting about whether Landon hooked up with Thomas (which they both denied) and Landon trying to convince Shep that they should be a couple. But, there were a lot of other things that happened as well and they may have escaped your memory almost a full year later. Luckily, I am here to let you in on the important shenanigans that will be necessary to fully engage yourself with Season 4 of Southern Charm.

Kathryn Had Another Ravenel Baby

Paul Cheney/Bravo

That's right, Kathryn and Thomas spawned yet again. This time, they had a seriously beautiful little boy named St. Julien Rembert Ravenel who is the baby brother to their daughter, Kensington. Almost all throughout Season 3, Kathryn was pregnant and even experienced some complications, and the birth of St. Julien seemed to bring them together for like... a second.


#NewCraig was basically Craig deciding that marathon bar crawls and getting fired from real jobs was not an awesome way to slog through life with a law degree. So, he went home, slept amidst his honor society certificates and got his head right. When he returned, he had a new, amazing girlfriend named Naomie, a new attitude, some fresh pastel clothes, and a house that Naomie's parents were trying to sell but allowed them both to live in in the interim. Combine, shake vigorously and we have, #NewCraig.

Craig Started Working For JD

Craig joined forced with JD at his hospitality business that I still don't understand but then he quit because #NewCraig actually does want to become a lawyer. Also, JD stayed awesome and will continue to forever and always.

Kathryn Got Left Out

Brianna Stello/Bravo

...of literally everything. She was purposely not invited to Patricia's flamingo party, Landon's skate party for Shep's birthday (which Shep was not happy about at all) and Cameron's dinner party. Shep, Jennifer, and Craig were her only allies most of the time.

Landon Admitted Her Real Feelings

No, not for Thomas. Landon awkwardly confessed to Shep that she had feelings, nay, that she legitimately loved him. Unfortunately for her, he was not feeling the same way in the very least and let her know that it was never going to happen between them.

Cameron Was Shamed for Her Life Choices

Did it bother anyone else that Cameron's entire storyline was revolving around whether her indecision about having children made her a monster or not? Like, let her live her life. Even at the reunion, she was pestered about the status of her uterus. I imagine we will see some more of this pressure in Season 4, but I really hope she starts feeling more comfortable with her own feelings, because it is totally OK to be unsure about bringing another human being into the world.

Thomas Had Another Dinner Party & It Went Really Well

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What I mean is that Thomas had another dinner party and it played out similar to "The Battle of the Bastards" fight scene on Game of Thrones. Basically, under the guise of having Kathryn's back, he told everyone how awful they are and oddly enough, no one took it well. He called everyone "self righteous," "judgemental," and sanctimonious." He literally ended up chasing them all out of his mansion while JD told his wife to stay close to him. It was bananas.

The Founder's Ball Bombshell


After the dinner party from hell, the gang got all gussied up for The Founder's Ball, which I am pretty sure is a thing that Cooper Ray just made up. Either way, they all went with it and I appreciate that. Shep showed up with Landon's friend, which made Landon really salty because she had spent the entire day getting made into a vixen by Patricia specifically to seduce Shep. Then, she and Kathryn ended up getting into a huge fight about whether Landon hooked up with Thomas (again, they both deny that) and just when things looked unresolved, Landon's friend remembered that she was on a reality show and cleverly whispered to Shep, "Do you think Landon is going to admit that she slept with Thomas?" Shep looked at her like we all looked at our television sets and then the episode ended. Yeah. That happened.

The Reunion

Charles Sykes/Bravo

The reunion special was kind of repetitive and re-hashed the drama of the season. And, despite everyone claiming to Thomas that his son was allegedly not his biological child, he claimed that he took a paternity test and St. Julien absolutely is his son. That is about it.

Guys, I am so excited for Season 4 of Southern Charm. There is clearly a lot of drama to resolve (and to start), and I am fully here for it.