Reese Witherspoon Just Got A New Puppy That'll Instantly Turn Your Heart To Mush

by Nicole Pomarico
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Celebrity babies are cute and all, but where it's really at are celebrity pets. And now, a certain Big Little Lies star has introduced a brand new one to her family — and the world. Reese Witherspoon got a new puppy, and the photo she shared on Instagram might be the most adorable thing on the internet ever. Oh, and he has the bluest eyes, too, just like his new mom.

Witherspoon posted the picture (which is, of course, taken in portrait mode), letting everyone know that this brown and white bulldog puppy is all hers. Apparently, his name is Lou, and he has no idea that he is the luckiest dog in the world, since he gets to live with the woman who starred in Legally Blonde (and Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde. Obviously).

So far, Witherspoon has yet to share any details about where she got him from or what his personality is like, but with a photo like this, details aren't really necessary — this precious little face honestly speaks for itself.

Ready for it? Here's the cutest photo you'll see all day — and maybe even for the rest of your life:

Of course, Witherspoon's friends immediately turned to the comments to gush over Lou, because how could they not?

Jennifer Garner and Eva Longoria both shared their reactions, and they're both right: He is beautiful, and he does deserve all the heart eye emojis.


Shailene Woodley and Kate Hudson also chimed in with more of the same — people seriously cannot get enough of this dog.


Witherspoon also shared videos of Lou on her Instagram Story, and yes, they are just as cute, if not more, since we actually get to see him in action.

In one video, he's sitting on a blanket, staring up at Witherspoon with those piercing eyes. "Good morning! How are you today?" Witherspoon says in the video. "We love you, Lou. Welcome to the family."

reesewitherspoon/Instagram Story

In the other video Witherspoon shared, he's running around in the grass as her 6-year-old son, Tennessee, is playing on a playground. For a tiny guy with little legs, Lou gets around fast!

reesewitherspoon/Instagram Story

It makes sense that Witherspoon would want to welcome a new puppy into her home now. Back in April, she lost her dog, Nash, and anyone who's ever had to say goodbye to a pet knows that it's absolutely heartbreaking.

"Rest In Peace, Our Sweet dog, Nash," she wrote in a tribute to him. "Hope you are running through gorgeous fields of grass and eating all the treats you want in Dog Heaven."

Witherspoon also has other dogs, so Lou will be in great company. This is Pepper, who is apparently very into yoga:

And this dapper fellow is Hank:

Welcome to the Witherspoon fam, Lou! It's going to be so much fun to follow along with his adventures. Fingers crossed his mom keeps us updated with plenty of videos and pics.