Reese's Come In Chocolate Bar Form — Here's Where To Find Them

You can't take your eyes off the candy aisle for one second. It seems like every time you turn around to grab a chocolate bar there's another option to make your decision even more difficult. Allow me to introduce you to the latest candy aisle inductee. Reese's comes in candy bar form and with loving words, no less. It's real and the good news is that it actually won't make your decision any harder because it'll be the only chocolate bar you want.

Chocolate and peanut butter are a harmonious union. Whenever the two are packed together, it's bound to be a blissful bite. Reese's, as we all know very well, puts these two together in many forms. Most notably, a Peanut Butter Cup. A hand held saucer of chocolate cradling a peanut butter center. But that's not the only way to consume this coupling.

Reese's comes in mini cups, in pieces, in a Milk Chocolate Hershey's bar. It can be a 6.5 oz GIANT bar or it can be free of sugar. There is no wrong way to get your Reese's in. No matter their form, one thing is forever certain. We love them. And now a Reese's bar is showing its appreciation to us. Next time you graze the candy bar look out for a candy bar that doubles as a pep talk.

It's true, candy can be good in more ways than one. Besides tasting good, it can make you feel good. The Reese's treat was spotted by Instagrammer @threesnackateers at Dollar General. The bar, which is composed of milk chocolate filled with Reese's peanut butter, spelled out "you're awesome!" in bright yellow font. You know, to really get the message across.

According to Walmart's website, this isn't the only message you'll receive. The Reese's Peanut Butter Appreciation Bars have other kind words to share with us. One bar reads, "Shout out to you!" Another exclaims, "Can't thank you enough!" Reese's! Really! I appreciate the effort. But, the pleasure is all ours!

The bars retail for 1.78 each on Walmart's website and they're not the only bars showing gratitude. KitKat bars and Hershey bars are also saying thanks with kind messages. "You're the best!" and "You're Amazing!" are other exclamations of appreciation spelled out on wrappers. You guys! I could cry! Can buying a bar for the confidence boost be considered part of self-care Sunday? I think so. Better yet, if you know someone who is need of some encouragement, this could be the best way to bring a smile to their face. A Reese's bar with a kind message on the wrapping is like the double rainbow of the candy aisle. There's so much beauty to grasp.

And while we're on the topic of beauty and Reese's, there's another Reese's product to keep an eye on the candy shelves for. It was rumored in 2018 that Reese's Thins would hit stores in 2019. It's been reported that the roll out of this new take on the classic delight would be in March 2019. Keep your eyes peeled. And while you're at it, unwrap a Reese's Appreciation Bar while you're on the look out for the new iterations of your favorite candies.